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Keeping logistics airborne at Exeter Airport

By 3 October 2016November 14th, 2023Logistics & Transport

Spaciotempo is the UK’s leading provider of temporary warehousing and structures. Hence why Exeter airport approached us to create a bespoke loading canopy for a postal service operating in the airport. The bespoke temporary airport loading bay was used as part of a major logistics operation, which sees inbound and outbound post handled at the airport. The loading bay even featured in the Porsche Panamera road test on BBC Two’s Top Gear programme!

Creating a temporary airport loading bay

When creating Exeter airport’s temporary airport facilities, there were complex restrictions at the site to navigate. These included a triangular shaped working area and the potential for high winds, due to the canopy’s exposed position alongside the main runway. Spaciotempo’s solution was a temporary triangular building. 25m wide on one gable end, reducing to 20m wide in the centre and 15m wide on the narrowest end.

This gave the temporary airport loading building a total footprint of 975m2, which maximises all of the available space. Meanwhile, Spaciotempo worked within the strict health and safety parameters. These were to be expected in an aviation setting. Co-operation with security regulations was important, in order to develop a safe structure that could withstand extreme weather conditions.

Customisation of the airport loading building

All modifications of the structure had to be made on site due to two containers that couldn’t be moved in time. The installation engineers worked around the containers and adapted the original design to accommodate the obstruction. A new design was sourced by Spaciotempo to fit the requirements of the temporary airport loading bay. The panels were perforated to allow wind to flow through the building, while still providing shelter from adverse conditions.

The buildings required strength, in order to withstand the everyday working conditions. This was achieved with the aluminium box profile frame, supplied by Spaciotempo. This gives the canopy rigidity, which protects it from snow and wind loading. The roof was manufactured from the most durable PVC coated polyester and is also flame retardant – an essential requirement when highly combustible jet fuel is a constant danger.

Additional work at Exeter Airport

After the successful installation of the temporary airport loading building. Exeter Airport are already considering Spaciotempo for further work when the three-year building contract expires. “This was a fantastic opportunity for Spaciotempo to demonstrate its ability to deliver a complicated and high specification installation at a high profile site,” said Scott Jameson, Managing Director at Spaciotempo.

“The construction criteria and safety considerations meant that our full range of design, building and service skills were required and we are proud to have successfully completed the project and met the client’s needs. To see the structure feature on primetime national television was extremely rewarding after our hard work on this complex project,” he added.

If you require a temporary airport loading bay, then call Spaciotempo today! We can provide a bespoke service that fits the requirements of your application and provides the perfect temporary building solution.

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