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“Land Rich, Cash Poor”

By 27 July 2017October 10th, 2023Company News

“Land Rich, Cash Poor”

Businesses in the South West and West Midlands that are “Land Rich, Cash Poor” should consider temporary buildings when they need more space urgently. That’s the message from Midlands-based Spaciotempo, which has helped companies who don’t have the time or the money to invest in permanent structures.

Adam Thomas, Area Sales Manager at Spaciotempo, said the issue was increasingly affecting car component suppliers looking for more space. This is due to rising orders from the region’s major automotive manufacturers.

Mr Thomas said the work was there, and there was land available in both regions. But buying a site, and erecting a factory or warehouse on it, was not always an option. He said one client looking for a permanent building told him it would cost £5million for what he needed. The client was concerned that by the time everything had gone through planning and been erected it would be too late.

A long lasting solution

Mr Thomas said: “Even when orders are high and the work is coming in, it is hard for businesses to commit to spending on permanent structures. They may own enough land on which to build, but the cash for such a huge outlay is simply not available in the current climate. Sometimes, people see temporary structures as a last resort and are very surprised when I tell them that some of our buildings have been up to 20 years! Yes we provide temporary buildings but the word temporary is a misnomer. These are better regarded as semi-permanent structures or relocatable buildings that can last for a decade or more. They’re the perfect solution for businesses that need to expand, but don’t want the worry and headache of a major capital outlay.”

Mr Thomas said Spaciotempo’s experience and knowledge of the planning rules, and designing and building structures that are able to blend into the surrounding countryside. meant the company has even been able to help businesses where the land is in an area of outstanding natural beauty, which also usually means additional planning headaches.

A temporary/semi-permanent structure

He said: “Whatever site is chosen by the client, we look after the process from start to finish. A temporary/semi-permanent structure is robust and does the job perfectly well. There are far fewer planning issues (which we take care of anyway) and the buildings themselves can be erected in a few weeks or less. Suppliers in the automotive industry have enough uncertainty with the forthcoming Brexit. A semi-permanent building gives them the flexibility to grow without committing to huge expenditure. It is a win/win solution.”

Spaciotempo has provided temporary buildings for businesses from manufacturing and aviation to distribution, education, leisure and the automotive industry. It is the only company in the UK to manufacture and install its own structures.

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