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What have we learned from Facilities Management Ireland 2016?

By 4 April 2016October 30th, 2017Company News

One of the most important considerations for an organisation regardless of size is the ability to ensure facilities are maintained and equipped to deal with the challenges that come with evolving business needs, continually ensuring that costs are managed and business efficiencies are controlled. In Ireland, the appetite for exploring temporary building solutions was evident as we exhibited at Facilities Management Ireland 2016.

Facilities Management Ireland has become an important fixture in the facilities management calendar, now running for its eighth year. Spaciotempo had attended the event in 2015 as a delegate and was struck by the scope of attendees and the services and solutions explored, with the event covering both hard and soft services and products in facilities management. Spaciotempo has a number of innovative solutions and services beneficial to this sector and we were keen to demonstrate these to the Irish market.

The event was not only an opportunity to demonstrate our products to the Irish market, but also a significant learning experience for Spaciotempo, equipping us with first-hand knowledge regarding current issues and trends within the facilities management sector. The two-day event was a significant learning experience for the team, leaving us to reflect on a number of issues, here we take a look back at some of the key points.

Building awareness of temporary building solutions

The importance of building good customer relationships is vital regardless of the industry in question. By establishing strong connections suppliers have the ability to identify and differentiate individual needs. In facilities management, the primary customer is often the facilities manager, but behind this person is a secondary customer base, made up of stakeholders, employees and even members of the public who need to be engaged in any building project. By establishing firm relationships, suppliers can deliver high quality, individual services with customers, having the ability to identity the right products for different needs.

We have always had a presence within the Republic of Ireland, successfully working with a number of organisations to improve productivity and maximise space with temporary structures. However, the expansion of our business over the 18 months has meant we now have a dedicated team in Dublin, and can provide a personalised and efficient service for our customers within the Republic of Ireland.

At Spaciotempo we are passionate about our products and services, and being able to engage with our customers on a face to face basis is invaluable. Facilities Management Ireland was the perfect opportunity to do this, allowing us to demonstrate the versatility of our products.

For many, the potential of a temporary building is still an option that has not yet been explored, or is not fully understood, but the positive reaction and firm interest from delegates confirmed that there is significant scope to increase the use of temporary building solutions within a number of markets in Ireland. Getting closer to the market allowed us to demonstrate the real potential for businesses looking to manage processes and costs effectively.

Temporary warehouse storage solutions

The export market has played a significant part in helping Ireland gain its position as the fastest growing economy in the EU, with the country seeing exports of food and beverage products to the US grow by more than 50% during the last twelve months. Not content with its success within the export market, the country is now making substantial inroads into the industrial sector. To say that production is buoyant in the Republic of Ireland at present is something of an understatement, current figures from Eurostat have revealed that output in Ireland was up 42 percent last year, this is against an average annual increase of 2.8 percent for the euro zone, with a 2.5 percent rise in the European Union as a whole. The increase in production has been bolstered by the rise in demand for goods including machinery and equipment, a sign of future hopes for the industrial sector.

If Ireland is to maintain the momentum, it is time it looked for alternative methods for warehousing and storage. Facilities Management is one of the biggest expenditures any business will need to contend with, as a result there is significant appetite for finding new ways to improve efficiencies, in relation to space.

The growth within the food and beverage sector, and the issues that this has created is an important reminder that businesses need to remain proactive if they wish to remain competitive. Spaciotempo’s temporary warehouse storage solutions offer an innovative, and rapid solution, scalable as production increases, and quickly dismantled if and when they are no longer required. The beauty of such a solution means business owners do not need to invest in permanent options which may remain empty or underutilised during certain times of the year.

What we learned at Facilities Management Ireland

We learned at Facilities Management Ireland that facilities management is not limited to finding adequate space to meet business needs, managers are also required to manage budgets effectively, ensure buildings adhere to health and safety standards, business continuity is not affected by new builds, and buildings are secure and well maintained. Exhibiting at Facilities management Ireland, we were struck by the number of delegates who were unaware of the full potential a temporary building can provide.

Changing business demands can have a significant and often unexpected impact on company budgets, the need for additional space, whether due to business growth or business disruption, requires businesses to proactively manage such change. The use of a temporary building in such a context can offer a quick and cost effective solution, for all intents and purposes and as secure, sturdy and weather resistant, as a permanent structure.

The manufacturing sector has been a significant force for growth for the Irish economy and an important source of employment across the country. Research from Forfás has reported that there is currently more than 600,000 people employed within the manufacturing sector, with an additional 43,000 jobs created by 2020. Manufacturers will undoubtedly encounter obstacles and challenges as a result as they look to sustain this growth.

Luckily, the Irish nation is one of problem solvers, always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas. This was evident at Facilities Management Ireland, and we are excited about the position we can occupy within Ireland’s industrial space, confident that our contributions to the industry will enable business growth to go from strength to strength.

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