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Why sometimes the little things make a difference

By 8 October 2014September 8th, 2017Company News, Warehousing, Industrial, Canopies

At Spaciotempo, we love a temporary warehouse. For some of our customers who have the available space on site, and need a building to provide a lot of storage, the process of developing a specification that meets customer needs, can be (relatively) straightforward.
But sometimes, our customers have a problem which requires some problem solving and this is where our Business Development Managers come into their own. We recognise that getting to know our customers’ business and their business needs – what they need to achieve and what is preventing them for doing this – is the first step in designing the right building for them.
This is why we will always come out for a site visit (as many times as we need to), and talk to you in detail before we propose a specification for your building or quote a price. We pride ourselves on getting the specification spot on, which is why we have so many satisfied customers and so many word of mouth recommendations!
One of our Logistics customers recently approached us because they needed a daytime storage area to provide weather protection for stock which was waiting to be loaded onto transportation vehicles. Their problem was that the turning arc of the vehicles was so large that there was very little space to position a building. Our solution was to develop a canopy structure for them which was just the right size – providing ample storage space without hindering the movement of the vehicles. And by using perforated steel cladding on the sides of the canopy, we ensured weather protection but ensured that the structure was stable in high winds.
Another customer, who required a warehousing solution, wanted to make their space multifunctional to achieve a number of objectives without increasing the footprint of an already sizeable temporary structure. Our solution, was to develop a mezzanine deck area occupying approximately a third of the floor area which offered workshop and office space in addition to the ground floor storage area. We also installed internal racking in the rest of the building, up to a ridge height of 11 metres to provide the maximum possible storage available. This was possible because of Spaciotempo’s lateral bracing system which we means we can do away with the cross bracing and snow banding used by our competitors, and which is such a hindrance when comes to high level storage, and large vehicle access.
In both cases, the end result was two happy customers. The solutions were relatively simple, but sometimes, it is the little things that make the difference.

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