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Logistics company expands with the help of Spaciotempo

Leading logistics company expands with Spaciotempo

Leading logistics company John K Philips Group Ltd has increased its capacity by creating a large storage space and undercover loading and unloading area at its site in Warrington.

The company, which specialises in warehousing, transport and distribution, has purchased two gutter-linked 20m long by 20m wide Spaciotempo temporary buildings on a 6m eave.

The temporary structure, which features two roller shutter doors and three personnel doors, is being used to protect customers’ goods from the elements and to enable additional pallets to be stored at the site.

It also has the added benefit of providing cover from rain and snow for delivery drivers dropping off around 50 loads per week.


Owner John Philips said: “When we moved to the new site in Warrington last year we immediately planned to extend the warehouse by adding a Spaciotempo semi-permanent structure.

“It has not only significantly extended the amount of storage space we have available, meaning we can take on more of our customers’ products, it also makes life far easier for our delivery drivers and warehouse staff who no longer need to brave the weather during the winter months. Our customers are saving on transport costs too as they are now only using our warehouse to store their goods so don’t need to travel to dual sites.”

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