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Long-term storage solution

By 27 July 2017November 15th, 2023Warehousing, Retail, Disaster Recovery

Long-term storage solution

Semi-permanent building provides long-term storage solution for Irish international food group

Irish manufacturers, who are responding to an unprecedented demand for export goods. Could be excused for scepticism that a “temporary” building would be up to the job of providing a long-term storage and warehousing solution, says leading temporary building specialist Spaciotempo.

According to the firm, the concept of temporary or semi-permanent warehousing is still relatively new to the Irish market yet. Scepticism is now turning into belief. As manufacturers capitalise on the positive trading situation and turn to the solution seeing it as a real alternative and viable option.

Rondo Ireland, part of the international Rondo Food Group. Is one such company which first called in Spaciotempo after a fire destroyed its packaging storage facility last December. Impressed at the rapid turnaround offered by Spaciotempo, to install a 1,500 square metre temporary warehouse for packaging and raw components. Also, with a installation that took just 15 days to install from the initial enquiry through to handover of the completed temporary warehouse. Spaciotempo were called in again to install a second temporary building this month.

Stephen Smith, Technical Manager at Rondo Ireland, explains: “When our fire completely destroyed our cardboard storage facility. Our first thought was for our customers and ensuring we could deliver orders as planned. So,  finding a solution to get us back up and running quickly was our priority. Spaciotempo came through with flying colours and over six months on, the building continues to deliver.  It is structurally robust and withstands all conditions and so we had no hesitation in choosing Spaciotempo a second time. This time round,  for another two-year hire. I would recommend Spaciotempo to anyone for anything from a short term “emergency” hire, to a long-term storage solution.”

Temporary storage warehouse

Spaciotempo’s second temporary warehouse for Rondo Ireland is for finished goods. Prior to export and provides the much-needed storage as the manufacturer finds itself at the centre of an increase in global orders.

Stephen added: “We ship all over the world and our business is growing. Our latest 400 square metre Spaciotempo warehouse is situated next to our main facility. This is important as containers can be placed directly outside the facility and packaged goods can be loaded directly into the containers straight from the warehouse. As a result, minimising handling costs and time.  Positioning of warehousing is key to operational efficiency and that’s why temporary structures are a perfect solution as building a permanent structure is not always possible nor necessary, especially when companies such as ours need the flexibility to manage storage requirements in line with demand.”

Spaciotempo solution

Phil Tallon, Area Sales Manager for Spaciotempo, based in Ireland, said: “It’s important to win customer trust and our work with Rondo Ireland. The feedback we have received is testimony that our solution is flexible and robust and can last as long as the requirement. Whether that be for a few months or years. 

 “We are delighted to help Rondo Ireland again with the company’s second temporary warehouse. Which proves the durability and resilience of our solution. What’s more, the fact that Rondo Ireland has hired a second building from us in such a short space of time is a great boost for us. Therefore, demonstrates that semi-permanent or temporary buildings are a good long-term storage solution.

“We stock an extensive range, so we can get customers’ new warehousing up and running quickly. As we did for Rondo Ireland and, the benefit of hiring means there is minimal initial outlay. This is so customers can spread the costs over a hire period with the flexibility to adjust storage needs and extend hire terms in line with business demand.  It is great news that manufacturing and exporting in Ireland is thriving. It is equally rewarding that firms are changing their perception. They can now see that our buildings provide a viable, robust, flexible and sustainable warehousing solution.”

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