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Make an emergency temporary building part of your contingency planning

By 20 October 2017November 16th, 2023Warehousing

Make temporary warehouses a part of your contingency planning

Preparing for emergencies is often overlooked. It’s normal and expected. Why spend time thinking about a backup plan for disasters when you’re busy with your daily business tasks? In case of an emergency, temporary warehousing from Spaciotempo can quickly help.

Rondo Foods faced a fire that destroyed part of their production facilities. They needed a temporary warehouse and turned to Spaciotempo. Similarly, Wilmslow Garden Centre didn’t expect a fire to ruin their goods. They urgently needed a quick emergency building in Cheshire.

Let’s see why creating a backup plan early could save your company.

Emergency warehouse provides essential storage during a rebuild

Global pet food manufacturer, Rondo Foods, had no time to slow down proceedings when a fire ripped through their European production facilities shortly before Christmas in 2011. Four-hundred square feet of warehousing and manufacturing equipment was destroyed. As a result, the company had no choice but to look for an alternative solution to get them up and running quickly.

Spaciotempo offers a fast resolution to emergency temporary building requirements. We can be on site within 24 hours of the initial enquiry. As a result, we offer bespoke temporary warehouse and storage buildings that are modelled on your business needs.

Rondo Foods

Rondo Foods faced a challenge when a fire hit, damaging their production facilities. We swiftly set up a temporary warehouse only 300m away, offering 1500 square meters for storage and production. Its proximity to the main site ensured a quick material turnaround. The extra space provided a comfortable working environment.

Despite the busy Christmas period, we completed the build in just 15 days, thanks to our flexible in-house manufacturing and the prompt response of our emergency team. Steven Smith, Technical Manager at Rondo Foods, admitted they hadn’t thought much about crisis management, saying, “You know a fire can happen, but you can’t fully prepare for it.”

Preparation is crucial. Rondo Foods leased the relief building for two years, giving them ample time to continue operations during the production facility rebuild.

Emergency temporary building prevents cancellation of Christmas

When a fire ravaged the greenhouses at Wilmslow Garden Centre, 70 firefighters were called in. A quick response was crucial, necessitating a disaster relief building.

In the midst of the busy Christmas trading period, Wilmslow Garden Centre urgently needed a temporary solution to keep business running until a permanent replacement could be built. Our expert disaster recovery team acted promptly, installing a custom emergency building within just five days.

The solution went beyond simple storage; a spacious disaster relief building with sturdy windows and doors, a temporary kitchen, toilet facilities, cash office, and canteen was swiftly put in place. Wilmslow Garden Centre reopened its coffee shop, resumed craft and garden supplies sales, and ensured a comfortable environment with full heating to withstand winter weather changes.

The temporary building delighted the Wilmslow Garden Centre team and longstanding customers, especially during the high-demand Christmas season for supplies and craft products.

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