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Even when you have one of our buildings we are still there for you!

By 10 July 2017October 30th, 2017Company News

Even when you have one of our buildings we are still there for you!

Manheim Car Auctions first approached Spaciotempo in 2011, when we provided them with a 30m by 15m on a 4.2m eave, temporary warehouse. However, six years later their building was in need of a complete refurbishment, this meant it being stripped of all cladding and roofing.

In addition to this 450sqm building they also had a 15m by 20m temporary building, which had been on site elsewhere. This had been taken down by others and left dismantled on site next to the existing building.

After a full component analysis of the dismantled building, Spaciotempo suggested that we combine the two buildings. This would provide Manheim with a 5m extension off their existing building, giving them an additional 75sqm that they didn’t know they could have.

The final building measured 15m by 60m on a 4.2m eave, with a complete re skin of new roofs and walling. Also included were 4 new electric roller shutter doors (3.5m high by 4.8m wide), 4 new personnel exit doors and guttering.

Following this an uplift test was done on each base plate which clarified the structural integrity of the building and a report was created for the client. This gave the client reassurance that even though the buildings are of a considerable age and the one in situ was in a poor state of repair they are now fit for purpose. This shows the flexibility and longevity of our products and the ease with which that this was achieved is testament to the modular design.

Fancy making a few changes?

Application changes can be anything from adding a personnel door to tripling the size of the structure, the possibilities really are endless!

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