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Manufacturing and Assembly

By 1 January 2010September 8th, 2017Industrial, Automotive

Established in 1985 and based in Guildford, Surrey, John Dennis Coach Builders is a world renowned British manufacturer of fire engines. The company was in urgent need of extra space for storage, manufacture and assembly of vehicles. To build was too permanent and to rent a suitable industrial unit nearby was impractical. Nor were they totally convinced that a temporary building could offer them the kind of protection, security and controlled working conditions that would suit a high profile automotive manufacturer. Fortunately, they had heard about the Spaciotempo approach and contacted us. It proved to be entirely feasible to build a temporary unit on a car park area adjacent to their existing manufacturing facility. However, because of the slightly undulating ground we recommended laying a special tarmac platform onto which the building would be bolted. This provided a very taught and secure building whilst enabling us to plumb in services and better manage drainage. The building provided was 25m wide x 25m long x 5m high, with insulated roofing, insulated walling system, 5 roller shutter doors and 4 personnel doors. For John Dennis, our recommendations solved a difficult problem and they were happy to admit their initial apprehension was completely unfounded.

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