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Burton brewers Marstons raises a glass to Spaciotempo

By 1 January 2012October 12th, 2023Warehousing, Industrial

With sales for its own-label ale on the up. Brewers Marstons found that it was running out of storage space at its brewery in the UK’s beer capital, Burton-on-Trent.

This was despite Marstons, which keeps drinkers refreshed with favourites such as Marstons Pedigree, Old Empire IPA and Burton Bitter, having already invested in a temporary building from Spaciotempo two years earlier.

The acquisition of the first building. Which measured 396sqm and six metres high, gave the brewery storage space for 2,000 pallets. Which equated to around two million pints of beer.

As 2011 drew to a close, and with demand increasing, the company opted for an extension measuring 686sqm. This increased its storage capacity by a further 3,000 pallets. Containing a thirst-quenching three million pints of beer.

Yet this was only part of the story, because since the conditions its beer is stored at is vital. Marston’s needed a warehouse that would hold a steady temperature, no matter what the weather was doing outside.

Marstons solution

To accommodate this, Spaciotempo supplied a building from its Neivalu range. Complete with single-sheet steel cladding and a thermo roof, a PVC polyester envelope inflated with a low-pressure automatic pump to create a pocket of air, which acts as a layer of insulation.

“Sales of our beers were doing extremely well and we had just got a new distribution contract. So in the run-up to Christmas we realised that we needed extra storage space to cope with all that extra volume,” explained Emma Gilleland, head brewer at Marstons.

“We already had a building from Spaciotempo and it was working perfectly, so we went straight back to them.

“Temporary buildings are a quick and low cost way of extending our capacity and the extension is brilliant. It performs as well as a permanent building but, most importantly for us, whether it’s hot or cold outside, it keeps the ambient temperature just as we need it.”

Scott Jameson, director of sales at Spaciotempo, said: “Marstons is a huge name in the brewing and pub industry, so naturally we are delighted to have supplied another building to such a well-known and well-regarded brand.

“While the dimensions of the extension are impressive. The thermo roof is proving to be the real success story of the contract.

“It is yet another demonstration of how modern temporary buildings perform. As well as permanent structures and even can be trusted to keep literally millions of pints of the nation’s favourite beers in optimum condition.”

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