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Metokote turns to Spaciotempo UK as it revs up its order book

By 1 January 2012November 20th, 2023Industrial, Automotive

With car manufacturing levels in the UK at an eight year high, companies serving the automotive industry are enjoying a return to brighter days.

Among them is coating applications specialists MetoKote UK Ltd, which has just added a 900sqm temporary building from Spaciotempo UK at its 7,500sqm base in Daventry, Northamptonshire.

Metokote, which applies thin coatings to car components to prevent rust or wear and serves big names such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Honda and Nissan, approached Spaciotempo having just won a new order to coat car body parts and needing to increase its capacity fast.

But there was more to the challenge, because not only was the site not square or level, the building needed to allow air in to aid ventilation, without letting in the rain or snow.

Spaciotempo’s answer to this challenged was to build up the walls using steel panels each pierced with thousands of tiny holes – giving Metokote the ideal turn-key solution within a time scale that would allow it to get on with its work

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