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Peugeot dealership stays on road thanks to temporary solution

By 3 November 2015January 2nd, 2024Retail, Automotive
Car Showroom

Peugeot dealership

A BUSY car dealership has moved into state-of-the-art temporary facilities during the development of a new showroom complex.

Secondly, work to replace a 40-year-old building with modern accommodation at Robins and Day Peugeot in Surrey won’t be complete until February.

And the company turned to Spaciotempo to ensure the project had little or no impact on customers.

The temporary building specialists have provided a custom-built facility. That will mean it’s ‘business as usual’ for the duration of the work programme.

The fully-branded 4.2m-high building. Providing 200 square metres of showroom space, was erected on site in just five days.

Emlyn Witchell, National Facilities Manager for the Peugeot Citroen Retail Group, said: “We’re replacing our existing showroom area with a brand new amenity. So we needed a substantial temporary solution while the work is carried out.

“The building is top quality and just what we wanted. It will keep us operational throughout the project and will ensure our customers are unaffected.

“Spaciotempo provided a great building and completely professional service. From start to finish and I’ve been delighted with them.”

The project extends a long-lasting relationship between Peugeot Citroen and Spaciotempo which stretches back several years.

Seal of approval

Nigel Wells, Property & Investment Manager for the Peugeot Citroen Retail Group, said.: “We’ve carried out five showroom refurbishment projects in nearly four years and have used Spaciotempo to provide temporary accommodation while the work is carried out.

“Their buildings fit seamlessly with our brand as they provide the quality of fixtures and fittings. Also, along with external signage that make them look and feel the same as our customers have become used to in our permanent showrooms.

“That was something that was very important to us and something that Spaciotempo deliver 100 per cent.

“The way Spaciotempo design each facility to suit our precise requirements is one of the major reasons we use them time and again. The size of each building, the partitions, offices, even toilet and canteen areas are delivered bespoke to our needs.

“The whole package is always spot on and they have ensured that. While we have a major refurbishment programme going on. None of our businesses have suffered as a result.

“I’d recommend Spaciotempo to any business as they’ve provided quality temporary accommodation for all our needs.”

Also, additional capacity at the Hersham Road site was restricted. In turn, the temporary facility was designed and built to bespoke measurements.

In addition, Tony Farley, Sales Manager for Spaciotempo, said: “The new showroom will be a direct replacement for the building that’s being demolished, so room on site was limited.

“But we produced a plan to meet their needs and were able to install the temporary building very quickly.

“We’re very flexible and able to react to the needs of our customers. Secondly, which is a major advantage of both our buildings and our service.”

Building better environments

Spaciotempo buildings also create professional environments for new car launches, promotional campaigns or simply to deliver extra space for vehicle displays.

Lastly, Mr Farley added: “We can fit our showrooms with bespoke features including. Lighting, temperature and humidity control to suit the nature of the cars being presented.

“Both the exterior and interior of the temporary building can be personalised. In addition, this is so they fit with any branding and they can be adapted to include additional facilities such as offices or toilets.

“And as we’re the only company of our type in the UK and Ireland to design, manufacture and install our buildings, customers are guaranteed quality from start to finish.”

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