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Spaciotempo makes safe temporary storage child’s play for Philips Avent

By 1 January 2012October 27th, 2017Warehousing, Industrial
Philips Avent News

When Philips Avent, which manufactures bottles and monitors for babies and young children, set about refurbishing its warehouse, it needed somewhere special to store its stock.

The company knew that the answer lay in temporary buildings, but, with winter approaching, it was worried that anything less than perfect would result in wet, ruined packaging and lost revenue.

By their very nature, some temporary buildings perform adequately enough when just putting a roof over the stock, but they can fall short in creating a dry environment with an ambient temperature in cold weather.

What is more, stock can often be at risk from water damage caused by condensation gathering on the underside of a cold roof, forming into droplets and dripping onto the cardboard boxes below.

The company’s inquiries led it to get in touch with Spaciotempo and within just 21 days we arranged to install two temporary buildings which would, just as requested, treat the baby products with kid gloves.

The buildings measured 450sqm and 350sqm and the secret to their success would be the walls and the roof, both of which offer insulation against whatever the weather is up to outside.

Our temporary buildings are constructed using an anodised aluminium frame covered in walls made up of hundreds of interlocking panels. We have a range of options, dependant on the individual customer’s requirements and for Philip Avent we used hard uPVC panels, each containing a cavity.

For the roof we installed our specially designed thermo roofing, which consists of a membrane envelope made of tough PVC polyester, inflated by a low pressure automatic pneumatic pump.

Not only does the pumped air keep the roof rigid, it creates an insulated barrier, ensuring that the inner-most surface isn’t cold to the touch and thus preventing condensation from forming.

An added extra is that the air used to inflate the roof is warm, so that, in the event of a winter snowfall, flakes which land on the roof melt instantly into water and it harmlessly runs off.

The buildings were installed earlier this year and they have done everything Philips Avent required by simply making sure that, even if a gale was blowing and it was below zero outside, their boxes of baby products remained safe, dry and protected.

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