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Potato supplier ramps up storage to meet Christmas appetite

By 22 December 2015October 18th, 2017Warehousing, Industrial

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of potatoes has turned to a temporary warehouse to satisfy Britain’s enormous appetite during the run-up to Christmas.

Cambridgeshire supplier Greenvale has more than trebled production to meet massive demand from major supermarkets this month. And the company called on Spaciotempo to provide a cost-effective temporary warehouse solution.

Adrian Dixon, Engineering Manager at Greenvale, said: “We supply potatoes to some of the major supermarkets and have had to increase production to cope with huge Christmas orders.

“In a normal week, we supply around 2,200 tonnes but that has gone up to around 7,000 tonnes in each of the three weeks before Christmas Day.

“We therefore needed to increase storage space on site temporarily and Spaciotempo provided the ideal solution.

“The building will be used to store end-of-line packs ready for distribution, so we obviously needed to keep them dry and out of the coldest conditions.”

The waterproofed 18 x 25 x 4m temporary warehouse was installed on site in March, Cambridgeshire in less than a week. It’s thermo-insulated roof features special black-out covers to protect the potatoes from sunlight, while the walls are made up of 40mm insulated panels.

Mr Dixon added: “The building went up very quickly and we’ve since added LED lighting and fire alarms to meet all the regulations.

“It’s been operational for about three weeks already and will stay on site until February.

“We were already using three buildings provided by Spaciotempo for long-term storage and other things elsewhere on site and have been really pleased with both the quality of their products and the service they provide.

“They were therefore the obvious choice for the new facility and they’ve met all our needs again.”

Dan Barker, Area Sales Manager for Spaciotempo, said: “Greenvale came to us for a short-term solution and we were happy to extend our relationship with them.

“The new temporary warehouse is bespoke to their needs, but because we manufacture all of our buildings ourselves, we were able to supply and install it very quickly.

“Our temporary buildings can provide the answer to any number of short-term or seasonal problems – they’re a flexible solution that enables companies to manage variances in their business with minimal disruption.

“New facilities like this can play a key role for any organisation over busy periods and, if there’s an urgent requirement, we have the capacity and ability to have a structure erected within days.”

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