Oxygen Modular Buildings

The Oxygen range is the latest in a line of product innovations that we have released, characterised by a stylish curved roof profile. It has been specifically designed to be relocatable, so that the temporary building can be easily removed and adapted if your business needs a change. Adaptations could include reducing or increasing the size of the building, or the changing of individual parts, such as: doors, windows, roofs coverings etc.

Designed and manufactured for:

As Oxygen modular buildings are portable and relocatable by nature, they are often used as:

Why choose Oxygen temporary buildings?

Combining high-end aesthetics with the robust construction, Oxygen goes even further towards bridging the gap between temporary and permanent structures. And for customers seeking to integrate an aluminium framed extension into their permanent facilities, where aesthetics play an increasing part, Oxygen certainly provides food for thought. Scott Jameson, Managing Director  explains: “Oxygen offers the best of both worlds, businesses can take advantage of premium temporary structures which complement their existing buildings.  And because it is available on any size structure, up to an 8m leg it delivers massively both in aesthetics, capacity and durability.”


Our modular Oxygen range has been specially designed to be relocatable. As your business needs change, we can adapt or remove your temporary building to suit your situation. Our temporary buildings are incredibly customisable. We can easily upscale the size of your building, or even change individual parts like doors, windows and roofs coverings.


Oxygen modular buildings offer the ultimate in flexibility. No longer need your temporary building? No problem, we can deconstruct it and cancel your contract. No hassle and no wasted space, time or money. Or if you have a long-term or permanent need for a Oxygen temporary building, you can buy one outright or take up a lease scheme.


We can install your temporary building incredibly quickly. Not only can we be on site for a consultation within 24 hours but our lightweight and durable aluminium frame structures can be installed and operational as soon as you need it. Our in-house installers are fully trained and compliant with current Health and Safety standards.


Yet another advantage of our Oxygen modular buildings is that they require no costly foundations, unlike a permanent building or a steel building solution. So for a low upfront investment, you gain all the benefits of a permanent building, just without all the complication and cost normally associated with an infrastructure expansion.


Oxygen temporary buildings are available in 5m–36m widths, lengths from 5m–95m and eave heights of 4m–8m. Our dedicated manufacturing facility enables us to build your Oxygen modular building to bespoke sizes.


Your temporary structure can be fully customised to suit your needs. We offer a range of doors, windows and ancillary options to give you the greatest flexibility. These modular buildings can even be hired with air-conditioning and heating to regulate internal temperature. Contact us today to find out all your options.

View our range of optional extras and ancillaries available with the Oxygen temporary buildings.

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