Temporary Walkways

A temporary walkway can be a great addition to many leisure environments. Whether you require a canopy walkway to protect your guests at a special event, or need an entrance tunnel for privacy or promotional purposes – Spaciotempo has a convenient and cost-effective temporary walkway solution to fit your needs. A popular application is to use tunnels to provide year-round maintenance of vessels at a number of boat clubs across the country. The advantages of a retractable tunnel, with its ability to be re-located to cover another section of the vessel while it is being worked on, means that maintenance can take place all year round. The bespoke option of a totally clear cover, or clear roof enables work to be carried out using natural daylight where possible.

Our walkways and canopies are quick and easy to install, and can be delivered to you within 24 hours. We also have a selection of sport tunnels and industrial tunnels.

Why choose a Spaciotempo Canopy Walkway?


Canopy walkways are regularly used to provide temporary walkways and entrance tunnels for promotional events, as well as protective walkways for catering and leisure venues, hospitals, and even privacy tunnels for environments such as magistrates’ courts. Bespoke tunnels can be designed and manufactured to meet the individual specifications of your site.


Skirting and end closures (either fixed, sliding or curtain) can provide additional privacy as required, while clear window panels, clear roofs or totally clear tunnels are also available to provide access to natural daylight. Entrance tunnels are available in a wide range of colours, and can be fully branded to your bespoke design.

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Retractable Tunnels Price Range

TYPE 1 - Pneumatic Rubber Tyres

Smallest Type 1:

2m by 3m by 2m – £996.85

Largest Type 1:

2m by 10m by 2.4m – £3,010.62

TYPE 2 - Pneumatic Rubber Tyres

Smallest Type 2:

3m by 3m by 2m – £1,491.93

Largest Type 2:

4.5m by 10m by 3m – £5,305.38

TYPE 3 - Nylon Wheels on Lift Proof Tracks

Smallest Type 3:

4m by 3m by 2.5m – £3,284.92

Largest Type 3:

8m by 10m by 4m – £13,012.57

TYPE 4 - Nylon Wheels on Lift Proof Tracks

Smallest Type 4:

8m by 3m by 3m – £5,599.75

Largest Type 4:

12m by 15m by 5m – £32,548.14