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Promat UK Ltd meets hot demand with a second temporary building

By 1 January 2013October 30th, 2017Warehousing, Industrial
Promat News

A manufacturer of passive fire protection coatings has doubled the storage capacity of its site by investing in its second temporary building from Spaciotempo.

Promat UK, based in Lindrick, near Worksop, Nottinghamshire, has avoided the expense of relocating or storing its products off-site by using a 300sqm temporary building from our Neivalu range as a temporary warehouse.

Promat’s products are sprayed onto the walls of tunnels, petrochemical plants and other industrial buildings to protect the infrastructure of the facility. They have been working at full capacity over the past two years to meet growing demand.

However, the extra production has meant it has run out of room to store its products, which two years ago led the company’s factory manager, Matt Green, to ask us to help.

Within a couple of months – with planning permission secured thanks to our town planning specialist partners – we had erected a 300sqm temporary building on Promat’s site.

Then, at the end of last year, with demand continuing to soar, Promat ordered another building – which we erected within a matter of weeks.

Standing on a concrete base, it has one set of roller doors and a single personnel door. It has a thermo insulated roof – consisting of an inflated PVC envelope – and 40mm steel sandwich wall panels.

Both temporary buildings, which are on long-term hire, are currently full, each containing 350 pallets of bagged products awaiting delivery.

Matt said: “Because we own the premises, have a settled and flexible workforce and excellent transport links, we want to stay where we are, which is why the temporary buildings have been so useful.

“They are full to capacity now, but there is no way we could have met the demand without the extra storage space they gave us.”

Scott Jameson, director of sales at Spaciotempo, said: “Success for any company is always good news, but often it cause problems with warehousing if they are producing more goods than they can store.

“However, the fact that Promat had spare land on their site was a saving grace. It meant that we could erect two temporary buildings which have been crucial to ensuring that they can deal with the extra demand.”

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