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How to read a temporary building quotation – Tips to look out for!

By 3 July 2014November 9th, 2023Company News

So your business needs more space, and has identified a temporary building as the way to go.

You know that you are looking for a building which meets the specific technical requirements of your industry or product, and that can be erected quickly to match the business demand that you are experiencing now. You are looking for a supplier with the experience to do the job well from start to finish and add value at every stage of the process, and of course you want a good price. Now you need your quotation.

If you’ve used Spaciotempo before, you already know that our 40 years of experience, and our partnership approach to service delivery makes us hard to beat, and that’s why 40% of our business comes from either repeat purchasing or Word of Mouth.

Top tips for understanding temporary building quotes

But if you’re new to Spaciotempo, and assume that all suppliers’ temporary building quotation documents are the same, here are a few tips to reading between the lines and making sure that you get what you are expecting:

1)      Our structures are built to last.

While we call them “temporary”, many of our customers use them as a semi-permanent solution. Some have even been in place for 25 years. We don’t provide marquees or industrial tents, check out the structural detail of the building you are getting, as well as things like Wind and Snow Loading compliance.

2)      Some suppliers will exclude costs.

For example, installation and dismantling of your building from their quotations, to make the building seem cheaper. You may also have to hire your own site equipment for the installation! At Spaciotempo, our quotations are all inclusive so you know you are not going to get any nasty surprises.

3)      Spaciotempo was the UK’s first supplier of temporary buildings.

It is still the only UK supplier that designs manufactures AND installs its own products.  We are not agents and we do not sell any other manufacturers’ structures. So if you want the peace of mind that you are dealing with a single supplier, with transparency throughout. Talk to us.

4)      Check the Accreditations of your potential supplier.

Spaciotempo is accredited by Safecontractor, Federation of Master Builders, European Builders Confederation, CSCS, as well as NEBOSH. If your supplier isn’t accredited, you may not end up with the building you were expecting!

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