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Retractable tunnels for the industrial sector – how, why and where.

By 22 May 2014September 8th, 2017Industrial, Retractable Tunnels

Retractable tunnels can be found all over Britain, protecting some the UK’s most famous football players before they take to their grassy stage. However, in the last few years, retractable tunnels are finding new homes and being put to new uses- savvy businesses are finding that they are the perfect solution for applications within the industrial sector.

To let you in on the secret, here are the top 3 great industrial uses of retractable tunnels:

1. Walk this way
If your site contains a number of outdoor properties, retractable tunnels can be a great way to create a covered walkway between these regular routes, protecting staff and possible site visitors from wet weather. They can even be linked to a permanent building!

2. To me, to you
For some businesses, retractable tunnels are an essential part of their logistics operations. They can create the ideal loading bay; one that not only ensures that goods departing a storage facility are kept protected, in some instances temperature controlled, but also one that can be completely retracted allowing the space to used once again for another application, as if the tunnel wasn’t there.

3. Stock’s soaring and needs storing
Drowning in stock? Retractable tunnels can be the perfect temporary solution; sturdy and reliable, the tunnels can protect precious stock, when you just don’t have room for it.

Head to our retractable tunnels page for more information on how an industrial tunnel could work for your business.

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