Retractable Tunnels

Spaciotempo provides a wide range of retractable tunnels to customers across the UK and Ireland for use in a range of sectors. In some cases, we are able to provide retractable buildings to customers worldwide, subject to specification.

Our areas of expertise

Industrial Tunnels

Spaciotempo offers bespoke industrial tunnels, canopy storage and loading canopies to suit all your operational and logistics requirements. Available in a range of widths and heights, our industrial tunnels can be used for a variety of reasons such as creating a weather-proof option to protect your goods and staff during operations. Alternatively, our canopy storage can be used as high-quality overflow storage when your regular storage facilities are at full capacity. In addition, we can create bespoke tunnels that can be blackened out and controlled to perform Non-Destructive testing.

Spaciotempo’s industrial tunnels are made of anodised aluminium structural arches that are connected by galvanised steel pantographs. Each arch is equipped with two nylon wheels which run along a sunken lift proof track, ensuring the tunnel remains firmly secured to the ground. Smaller, lighter retractable tunnels can be equipped with rubber wheels without the lift proof track as a more cost-effective option. As well as industrial tunnels, Spaciotempo also offer a range of sport tunnels and temporary walkways.

Sport Tunnels

A players’ tunnel is a familiar site at most sports grounds across the country at football, rugby, athletics and gymnastics events to name but a few. Spaciotempo’s sport tunnel range provides protection for players at a large number of professional and semi-professional football and rugby clubs, including premiership sides Stoke City and Arsenal, as well as Championship team Blackburn Rovers. A retractable sports tunnel not only offers player protection, but also lucrative sponsorship opportunities. Branded with sponsors’ logos, players’ tunnels become the focal point of attention as the team walk out onto the pitch. Player’s tunnels are available in a wide range of colours to match your team strip, and we can also organise anything from basic graphics, to full branding or promotional messaging to meet your requirements.

As with all our sport temporary structures, a retractable telescopic tunnel from Spaciotempo is made to the highest specifications. Our on-site manufacturing facilities enable us to design and manufacture all our concertina tunnels in-house. That means quality of the highest order is guaranteed. We offer a selection of retractable tunnels, including industrial tunnels and temporary walkways.  Our decades’ worth of experience and countless satisfied customers are evidence that a sport tunnel from Spaciotempo is always a winning choice.


Available in widths from 1m to 15m, with eave heights from two to five metres, our retractable tunnels can be purchased in a range of standard sizes or custom built to order. Tunnels can connect to existing internal or external walls, stand independently, or be anchored in position.


Free up valuable space for other business operations by retracting your tunnel to a minimum of 25cm when not in use, or move to another location for use across your whole site. A variety of options exist depending on whether your tunnel benefits from our lift proof track system.


For smaller tunnels and other less complex specifications, we are often able to deliver retractable buildings for you to install yourself. For complex tunnel installations, we will conduct a site visit to assess how site conditions may affect installation, and will install the tunnel for you.


Retractable tunnels are available in a wide range of colours. In addition, high visibility and excellent exposure can be achieved by branding your retractable tunnel with corporate logos, and promotional messages to strengthen your brand image, or promote a specific marketing campaign.


Spaciotempo’s retractable tunnels are made from anodised aluminium structural arches assembled with cast aluminium joints and connected by power-coated aluminium cross-pantographs which enable extension and retraction. Locking bars on each set of pantographs keep the tunnel taut when fully extended.


Our retractable tunnels are built with quality and safety in mind. tough flame retardant PVC-coated covers are made from single panels, each a metre wide, enabling cost-effective replacement of small sections, or rapid re-branding. Clear windows and roofs are available as an optional extra, as are flame proof covers.