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Rondo rises from the ashes thanks to Spaciotempo

Rondo rises from the ashes thanks to Spaciotempo

Devastated by a fire just before Christmas 2016, the extent of the fire damage to Rondo Foods in Co. Arklow, Northern Ireland, had reduced the cardboard storage facility of this international pet food company to ashes. The extent of the damage was massive, with a rebuild predicted to take up to two years to complete. However, a temporary warehouse from Spaciotempo helped Rondo to rise from the ashes.

Stephen Smith, Technical Manager at the company, turned to the internet for a solution and immediately spotted Spaciotempo. He called our temporary warehouse experts, who were quick to respond with a swift and cost-effective installation of a temporary warehouse structure.

Erecting a 1500 square metre temporary warehouse in 15 days was no mean feat but Spaciotempo quickly assessed the situation, putting the structure in place only 300m away from the original building so that Rondo Foods could get back on track. As such, we were able to ensure limited disruption for them in the wake of this traumatic occurrence.

Disaster recovery building saves the day

“Spaciotempo couldn’t have been more helpful, even going that extra mile on Christmas Eve to provide me with information so we could move forward without delay! I can’t thank the Spaciotempo team enough. Fifteen days after the fire, our 1500 square foot temporary warehouse building, which we are leasing for two years, was up and working and it is business as usual while we plan for the re-build.”

See for yourself how quickly and efficiently Spaciotempo responded to Rondo Foods cry for help in this video footage of our temporary warehouse solution.

Temporary warehouse solutions

At Spaciotempo, we are experienced in dealing with disasters, from assembly halls, classrooms and sports halls to vital temporary warehouse storage for commercial companies and supermarkets alike. We offer a range of disaster recovery buildings from 24-hour solutions through to more bespoke temporary warehouse buildings that may take a little longer to erect but are equally as quick to install keeping those all-important lead times to a minimum.

To find out more about our range of temporary warehouse solutions please contact us today. Our expert advisers are ready and willing to help you find the ideal temporary warehouse for you and your business.

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