Sanitary Gate Sanitising Tunnel

The Sanitary Gate is a brand new product developed by Spaciotempo’s retractable tunnel manufacturing partner, Giulio Barbieri.  It enables traffic through the tunnel to be sanitised using an automated misting system, and is suitable for pedestrians, as well as the sanitisation of vehicles, tools and equipment.

It offers businesses,  schools and colleges, shops and transport networks another weapon in the fight against COVID 19, alongside social distancing measures and approved hygiene methodologies.

The Sanitary Gate comes in two standard sizes:

Regular – 2.5m wide, 2.1m to the eave, 4m extended length, 38cm retracted.

XL – 4m wide, 2.75m to the eave, 7m extended length, 96cm retracted.

Bespoke sizes are available on request. Available in a range of colours. Please speak to us to discuss customisation, branding and signwriting.

The Sanitary Gate comprises three separate elements:

Retractable Tunnel

A retractable tunnel made of aluminium profile, stainless steel fasteners, and fireproof PVC covers. Fitted to the inside frame of the tunnel are:

  • Misting system (spray nozzles or spray guns, depending on the type of system chosen);
  • Bracket mounted motion detector photocells;
  • Two-way traffic light (red and green) with 24V low consumption LEDs.

Misting System

Housed inside a protective metal container, the misting system is available in the following versions:

  • Electric hydraulic pump – using either a concentrated product mixed with mains water , with the help of an integrated dosing unit, or ready-to-use blend;
  • Compressed air misting system for a ready-to-use blend, with pneumatically operated components, not connected to the power supply.

Our experienced site managers and labour operatives are the skilled boots on the ground, backed up by knowledgeable, in-house project coordinators. Combined, our teams are expertly positioned to assist with crisis management, through the safe and efficient installation of emergency temporary infrastructure.


It is essential that the Sanitary Gate is used in conjunction with a sanitising substance approved for usage in UK. Please contact Spaciotempo directly for guidance on this.

To download more information on the Sanitary Gate, click here.  To talk to a retractable tunnel specialist, please call 01889 569 569.