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Sanoh exceeds safety standards with structure

By 26 October 2018September 11th, 2023Canopies, Automotive

Temporary canopy helps global firm exceed safety standards

Global manufacturing company Sanoh is ensuring its products meet rigorous safety standards with the help of a Spaciotempo loading canopy.

The business boasts high-profile customers including Jaguar Land Rover, Honda and Nissan which have robust requirements when it comes to quality.

To fulfil these obligations, Sanoh has to ensure that all the tubular and plastic automotive products it manufactures are kept completely dry as water damage could seriously compromise their performance.

To provide an additional safeguard, the business teamed up with the UK’s leading supplier of temporary buildings to install a loading canopy at its Bristol base.

The structure, measuring 30 metres wide x 15 metres long with a ridge height of 10.17 metres, has proved the perfect way to protect the parts.


Commercial Director Angus McCubbin said: “The loading canopy has been an excellent investment which our customers, who place great emphasis on quality and safety, have welcomed.

“At Sanoh we are committed to taking every step we can to achieve the highest possible standards so that our products arrive in perfect condition, ready to be fitted. If our goods were compromised due to water damage, it would have a detrimental impact on safety which is of paramount importance in the automotive industry. It would also have a negative effect on our business relationships and reputation as well as impinging on our customers’ production line, costing time and money.

“That is why we wanted to introduce the canopy as an additional safeguard, enabling products to be loaded in a dry environment, whatever the weather. It is also beneficial to staff who no longer run the risk of getting wet when doing their job. Spaciotempo offered us a great solution and working with the team was smooth, quick and easy from start to finish.”

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