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Temporary Emergency Buildings

In times of crisis, we’ve got you covered – literally!

Disaster contingency planning isn’t undertaken by every business and in a worst case scenario, even the best laid plans go out of the window. If you find your operations in unforeseen and unwanted circumstances, it is critical to address the issues immediately. Thankfully, Spaciotempo have a wealth of experience in providing temporary structures and emergency buildings for crisis management and disaster recovery.

Our customers

How it works: 3 steps to (temporary) building success

Flexible payment options


If you know what you need and want to buy temporary warehouse outright, we offer competitive prices.

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Looking for a flexible way to spread the costs of your temporary warehouse? Hire from us on a month-to-month basis.

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For larger projects, leasing your temporary warehouse allows you to spread the costs, with an option to buy.

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Awards and accreditations

We offer a wide array of services aimed at simplifying your life

David Yardley – Chief Executive, Strikes Garden Centre

“We are very much looking forward to welcoming our customers to the new-look garden centre where they will find all the facilities they know and love us for, from our fabulous plant area to a 170-seat restaurant and gift shop.”

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Jamie Payne – Senior Project Manager, Bristol Airport

“Spaciotempo provided an all-weather solution that was a cost effective, quick and efficient installation and durable enough to remain in place for over 18 months. It provided a seamless transition during the building project in a 24 hour, 7 day a week operation of a 7 million passenger airport, not any easy task, but the Spaciotempo team rose to the challenge.”

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Nigel Wells – Property & Investment Manager, Robins & Day showroom, Peugeot Citroen

“The customers love the temporary car showrooms. The important things for us was that they created the same environment as they would experience when in a Peugeot Citroën show room and Spaciotempo delivered that 100%. They provided a quality, temporary structure for all our needs – with the added benefit of customisation.”

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Stephen Smith – Technical Manager, Rondo Foods

“I can’t thank the Spaciotempo team enough. Fifteen days after the fire, our 1500 square foot temporary warehouse building, which we are leasing for two years, was up and working and it is business as usual while we plan for the re-build.”

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Alvin Isherwood – Owner, Thrive Gym

“The entire process with Spaciotempo has been a really smooth one; the Area Sales Manager stayed in contact all the way through, and you could tell that he genuinely cared about the project. With the additional space afforded to us, our members will reap the benefits of the boxing training facility for years to come.”

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Carl Riding – Director of Estates and Sustainability, NSGC College

“Spaciotempo responded very promptly to our last minute requirement for extra teaching space to deliver growth in construction trades. During the summer break, they planned, fabricated and installed a semi-permanent building that has since operated very effectively.”

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Denise Sword – General Manager – Redditch, DS Smith

“As a cardboard packaging manufacturer, having the three-sided canopy will 100% weatherproof our product as it is loaded for distribution. There is absolutely nothing temporary about this structure and we are looking forward to many great years of use.”

Matt Fortnum – Head of Manufacturing, Algeco

“This space represents a 60% increase in our space capacity, it’s given us the clear span, which has allowed us to take benefit of the wider modules that we produce.We can flow between the two bays and the ability to implement the flow line through the speed set doors and the roller shutter doors is fantastic.”

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Tom Tickner – Head of Distribution, Inspired Pet Nutrition

“Our previous operational strategy was to hold various stock off-site around the country. What this facility will allow us to do is bring that stock into our control and manage it on our own site.”

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Rick De Kerckhove – General Manager, Long Acres Nursery

“We have been able to hire the buildings for exactly the length of time they were required, which has not only enabled us to keep the business going but minimises any unnecessary expenditure. Hiring a Spaciotempo structure has proven itself to be a very versatile way of managing the space during our expansion.”

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Chris Tait – Managing Director, Tait Transport

“As an independent Scottish business, we were able to work with Spaciotempo to agree a finance option that offered the flexibility and affordability that we needed to fund our canopy. They listened, offered advice and you could tell they genuinely cared about providing not only a building, but a level of service that meant we could achieve our goals.”

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Business Continuity

There is nothing quite as destructive as nature. If you’ve found that your existing facilities have fallen victim to extensive water damage, have suffered structural damage rendering them unsable or they have, quite literally, burned to the ground, then we are at hand to provide a temporary building in your time of crisis.

emergency buildings when fire strikes emergency buildings for continuous operations

Spaciotempo understand the importance of uninterrupted business and we will endeavour to get on site as fast as possible, assess what can be achieved and present you with feasible solutions, accurate quotations and realistic timescales – in order to ensure that your temporary building enables business continuity.

Inchcape Jaguar Land Rover

Spaciotempo quickly came to the aid of Inchcape JLR with a temporary car showroom when fire damaged their existing retail space. Thanks to our rapid solution, the dealership were back trading again in next to no time.


Rondo Foods

We were able solve their storage issues with the swift and cost-effective installation of a temporary warehouse structure.

Strikes Garden Centre

Strikes Garden Centre

We were able solve their storage issues with the swift and cost-effective installation of a temporary warehouse structure.

Wilmslow Garden Centre

Wilmslow Garden Centre

Spaciotempo came to the rescue with a temporary store following a huge fire which destroyed a large part of Wilmslow Garden Centre in Cheshire.

Trinity School

Trinity School

Spaciotempo provided emergency relief to Trinity School in Carlisle following Storm Desmond, which created devastating flooding within the area.



Following a devastating fire in the crucial build-up to Christmas, our solution was to provide a bespoke temporary supermarket.


In Spring of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic placed enormous unforseen strain on the NHS. Due to social distancing measures, our hospitals faced an enormous shortage of space as staff and patients alike were forced to spread out. Spaciotempo demonstrated the true versatility of temporary buildings for hospitals, by providing additional sheltered space in the form of staff welfare facilities and covered walkways to help facilitate social distancing.

Royal Stoke Hospital

As part of a wider site modernisation process, Balfour Beatty in Derby asked Spaciotempo to design a temporary industrial building which would make better use of the available space.

Following the coronavirus outbreak, medical professionals know all too well that a critical emergency is never too far away. At the height of the pandemic, we were tasked with the bleak reality of quoting for temporary mortuaries for chilled body storage. Thankfully these projects never came to fruition, but have peace of mind that Spaciotempo will be at hand to assist with a temporary building in every eventuality.

Similarly, if there have been unforeseen incidents with bio-waste or even a sudden, unexpected influx of drugs and medical equipment, we can provide the necessary additional space to free-up capacity and keep operations running as smoothly as possible.

Welfare Facilities

If you’re in need of a temporary building for emergency welfare facilities, Spaciotempo can ensure that you’re not caught short. Whether it’s staff canteens and dining spaces or the provision of changing rooms, toilets and washroom facilities, we can help you out fast – and with little notice.

John Lewis

As part of a wider site modernisation process, Balfour Beatty in Derby asked Spaciotempo to design a temporary industrial building which would make better use of the available space.

Royal Stoke Hospital

As part of a wider site modernisation process, Balfour Beatty in Derby asked Spaciotempo to design a temporary industrial building which would make better use of the available space.

Seasonal fluctuation in workforce numbers often leads to a shortage of space, but in truth you may never know when you will be in need of additional capacity. A temporary building from Spaciotempo can be fitted out to meet your exact specification to ensure that your personnel have appropriate welfare facilities on-site and nearby.

Social Distancing

One of the most challenging aspects of ensuring business continuity throughout the pandemic, was for organisations to demonstrate that their clientele could adhere to social distancing guidelines, in order to stem transmission of coronavirus.

Whilst we’re hopeful that we will not return to the dark days endured throughout the peak of Covid-19, Spaciotempo can provide relief space and covered queue management systems. Our temporary buildings and structures can ensure that staff and customers alike are able to abide by any future social distancing measures in order to function as normally as possible.

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Sanitary Gates

Developed by Spaciotempo’s retractable tunnel manufacturing partner, Giulio Barbieri, this product enables traffic through the tunnel to be sanitised using an automated misting system.

Having already been rolled-out across Europe with great success, this innovative solution offers UK businesses, care homes, educational institutions, shops and transport networks another weapon in the on-going fight against Covid-19.

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Versatile business applications of Temporary Buildings

We offer a wide range of temporary building types and industrial canopies with customisation options, ensuring we can provide the best temporary structure solution for your business needs.

Warehousing & Storage

Industrial Buildings

Logistics Buildings

Retail buildings

Sports structures

Education Buildings

Hospital & Public sector


Garden centre canopies

Emergency & Disaster relief

Film & TV studios

Cold storage warehouse

Temporary workshops

Airport terminals and buildings

Car showroom