Design and Engineering

At Spaciotempo you can be assured that all of our services and products are delivered to the very highest standards. We oversee all aspects of delivery, from the design of your temporary structure, through to your temporary building’s engineering, and finally installing your temporary structure. Our design and engineering teams are extremely skilled and experienced in modular construction processes to develop first class, flexible and durable temporary building solutions.

Spaciotempo is unique in that we are the only temporary building company to design and manufacture our own structures. We can also provide solutions for specialist applications and, thanks to our in-depth industry knowledge, we will always give you the most up to date guidance to ensure that your temporary building complies with planning permission regulations.

Design of temporary structures

Spaciotempo studies each project and executes the design of temporary structures in full compliance with the operating requirements and place of work. A realistic plan will be produced, tailored to your needs, taking into account all site regulations.

Temporary building engineering

Our in-house temporary building engineering team develop our first class structures to meet British Safety Standards, from our off-the-shelf temporary buildings – available in standard sizes for straightforward building projects – to complex bespoke solutions requiring a brand new design.

Proven partnerships

Our long term relationships with a range of specialist suppliers have helped us to create options such as mezzanine floors, lifts, speciality flooring systems, multi-roomed structures and links to permanent buildings. Through the design of temporary structures, we work hard to satisfy the most difficult of requests.

Temporary building regulations

For more information about building regulations for your temporary building, you need to contact the Building Regulations Department at your local borough council who will advise, support and assist with any applications required. Spaciotempo’s design and engineering team can also support any applications with the required technical drawings and data.

Specialist applications

Our experienced design and engineering team can advise on applications at secure locations, such as petrochemical and nuclear sites. We have provided countless innovative solutions for specialist industries and environments. Speak to our technical advisers today to find out how we can provide the ideal solution for you and your application.

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