Financial Packages

Buy a temporary building

If the long-term requirements of your industrial, commercial or retail business are known, the option to buy a temporary building outright is available. Secure your temporary structure on a permanent basis, secure in the knowledge that you will enjoy many years of operational use from your extremely well built Spaciotempo structure.

Temporary buildings for hire

For maximum flexibility, short-term requirements or unknown time constraints, we have temporary buildings for hire that provide the ideal choice. Our temporary buildings for rent can also be accessed via a suite of attainable monthly financial packages that will ensure that you can always afford a temporary structure from Spaciotempo.

Temporary buildings for lease

Is your business looking to acquire a new temporary warehouse? Why not consider one of our temporary buildings for lease! Leasing is effectively an equipment hire agreement for a fixed term/rate (with an option to purchase outright at the term end for a fee). Leasing is an operating expense and is therefore 100% tax deductible against your profit account. Leasing also allows you to acquire new equipment without a large upfront capital outlay. Leasing allows you to preserve your outgoings for working capital and cash flow.

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Whether you require a finance lease, operating lease, or hire purchase, we have an option to suit you. Contact us our financial packages today!