Optional Extras

Optional Extras and Ancillaries

We offer a range of optional extras and ancillary items with our temporary buildings.

At Spaciotempo, we offer an extensive range of accessories for our custom temporary buildings.  We take each and every element of the building into account so that we can create the perfect temporary building to meet your requirements.  Included in our range of accessories for temporary buildings, we offer a variety of roofing, flooring, wall, colour, lighting and electronics options.

Roofs and Gables

Spaciotempo offers several standard options for your building’s roof: for structures where temperature control is not a factor, a single skin PVC roof is an option. However our thermo roof is a popular option which, combined with insulated walling can help maintain the temperature of your building. It is also useful for preventing snow build up on your roof and complies to BS… Snow Loading standards.  And of course, if you opt for an Oxygen structure your gracefully curving roof can be fitted with either single skin or thermo roof option.  To finish off the look of your building, you can choose either a thermo gable (in combination with a thermos roof) or the striking profile of a hard gable.  Most of our roof covers are manufactured in a standard white colour, which allows the most light into your structure. But if you require a black out roof, to protect light sensitive stock, or if you require a roof cover in another colour, we can provide this!


Spaciotempo offers a range of walling options all of which offer different advantages, depending on your building usage.  Single skin steel cladding is an ideal solution where thermo-efficiency is not an issue, for example for loading canopies, some warehousing applications, and where personnel are not working in the building. We can also offer perforated steel cladding which allows wind to pass through, making it ideal for the stability of canopy structures.  Our uPVC Cavity walling offers a quick installation solution which can be easily fixed between the aluminium uprights of your building’s frame. It also offers some thermal efficiency. Our Sandwich Panel walling – made from a steel core filled with polyurethane form – offers excellent insulation for your structure, and is installed by “overcladding” the building’s frame, providing great aesthetic appeal.


Spaciotempo offers an impressive range of doors meaning you can tailor your specification based exactly on how you need to use your building. For industrial use, the security afforded by a manual roller shutter door or electric roller shutter door is hard to beat – but if you need constant vehicle access and a door which reacts accordingly, a speed door is a great choice. We also regularly supply specialist doors suited for loading operations, such as the popular dock leveller door.  A range of pedestrian doors are also part of our standard range, either single or double, with the option of DDA compliant vision panels.

More specialist options are available for retail or leisure use, including our attractive yet highly practical double bi-parting doors which provide the perfect access for a car showroom, and are durable enough to allow vehicle access over the threshold.


If you require windows within your industrial temporary building, or as part of your retail or leisure temporary building, we can offer a secure and stylish horizontal double glazed window panel, set in a solid aluminium frame. For specialist glazing, for car showrooms, or other retail applications, please speak to our sales team.


In some cases the translucent nature of our PVC roof covers provide enough light into the temporary building for a customer’s purposes. But where this is not the case, a range of lighting options are available. Popular choices are our traditional high bay mercury lighting, and our energy efficient LED discus lights, available in anything from 70-150 Watts.  For specialist lighting applications such as retail premises, we can even offer more stylish alternatives!


Whatever you need in terms of heating and cooling for your building, Spaciotempo can provide it. We offer heating via indirect oil-fired heaters, as well as indirect gas-fired heaters, and also electrical heating. And we have cooling covered too!  Whether you need air conditioning installed for your retail or sporting environment, or you need a chilled storage area to protect perishable goods, we can offer this.

Guttering and Ingress Protection

We take every step to ensure that your building is as watertight as possible. Our new plastic guttering product is lightweight but robust and complements the appearance of the building perfectly. Water ingress protection is also a popular option, as is vermin flashing to ensure that you don’t end up welcoming any unwelcome visitors to your temporary building!


Many of our industrial customers don’t require flooring for warehousing, manufacturing or production buildings, and opt to install their temporary building directly onto their hard surface.  However we do offer a standard temporary floor which can be used across a range of industrial, retail and sporting applications. And if you require a specialist flooring, such as non-slip flooring, of specialist sprung sports flooring we can provide this too – just ask!  We can even arrange for line markings to be applied to your sports floor, for that perfect final touch!

Fit Out

For some customers, it is essential that their Spaciotempo building integrates perfectly with their brand or with their existing facilities.  For sports facilities, your Spaciotempo structure needs to look and feel like just like a high quality permanent facility – and for retail premises, the customer experience must be totally “on brand”. For this reason, we can ensure your structure is fitted out to just the specification you need – including decoration, furniture and specialist flooring. The sky’s the limit!

The flexibility of a Spaciotempo building means that you tell us how you want to use your building and we will build it!  This can mean office space, toilets and canteen areas, reception areas and extra storage units – we can even provide full bathroom facilities including wet and dry changing!

Colour and Branding

Spaciotempo takes pride in the finish of all our buildings and if you opt for a standard colour, you can guarantee it will look very smart, even down to the flashing!  But if you would like a non-standard colour, to match corporate branding or to complement existing structures on site, we have a huge range of colour options available both for walling and for roof covers.  And if you need signage or branding adding to your structure, we can provide this too – either directly onto the wall panels or even on the roof covers!

Racking and Decks

The benefits of a Spaciotempo building with its clear span, and eave heights up to a soaring 8m means that many customers are tempted to take advantage of the extra space at height, to install storage racking up to the apex of the building providing un-dreamed of storage capacity, and in some cases, to install a mezzanine deck to give the ultimate in multi-functional space – with production or manufacturing areas downstairs, and additional storage or office space upstairs.

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