Planning Permission

With more than 40 years’ experience designing, engineering and installing first rate temporary buildings across the UK and Ireland, Spaciotempo has developed a peerless understanding of temporary building planning permission requirements.

You can be sure that when you enlist the services of Spaciotempo, we know exactly what it takes to ensure that your temporary structure planning is processed successfully. This allows us to concentrate on delivering your temporary building through to completion without any red tape headaches along the way.

Applying for planning permission

We work with specialist town planning partners to manage the planning permission process on behalf of our customers. We liaise with them throughout the process of applying for planning permission, in accordance with planning timeframes.

Temporary building planning permission

Temporary building planning permission usually takes a minimum of 4 weeks but can take longer depending on planning meeting dates. The local authorities will be helpful and cooperative, as they believe the requirement for temporary structure planning indicates business growth.

Planning permission for emergency buildings

Planning permission is still required in the event of an emergency. Applying for planning permission in such cases can be carried out once the temporary building is in place. Local authorities are generally very cooperative in the event of an emergency.

Planning permission tips

The planning permission team looks favourably on Spaciotempo’s energy efficient insulation systems, recyclable components, choice of wall colour and soft profile air filled roof.

Planning permission rules

  • Planning permission is required after 28 days
  • There is no temporary planning available
  • As stated in the 1996 planning act, planning permission is not required if a refurbishment is taking place
  • Emergency buildings still require planning permission
For more information about planning permission rules, view the website here and download a copy of the Government’s Planning Advice Booklet for businesses. Additionally, for more information directly from Spaciotempo please contact us today.