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Servicing Area Bombardier Transportation

By 1 January 2010September 8th, 2017Warehousing, Industrial

Serving a diversified customer base around the world, Bombardier Transportation is the global leader in the rail equipment manufacturing and servicing industry.

The Wakefield division contacted Spaciotempo when they required additional undercover workshop space to house service and maintain intercity trains. The building needed to be long enough to accommodate the full length of the trains, erected over an existing railway line and completed within a restricted time frame to minimise disruption to mainline services! Spaciotempo provided a building 10m wide x 5m high and an incredible 160m long. Ancillary items included automatic electric access shutter doors, 8 x personnel / fire doors, guttering, vented gabling, lighting and heating.

Our system created a highly practical environment for servicing trains – a solution not easily achievable with conventional building methods. The translucent roofing allowed for good natural light whilst TempAwall® provided the perfect water and stain resistant surface for high pressure washing and other maintenance tasks. The building also provided Bombardier with the flexibility to easily expand the workshop in 5m bays or to relocate to an alternate location.

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