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Servicing Area

By 1 January 2010September 8th, 2017Industrial, Automotive

Founded in 1965, The Swift Group is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of touring caravans and motor homes.

Due to an upswing in demand, Swift could foresee that unless they expanded their servicing and pre-delivery check-out facilities very rapidly, there could be serious problems in meeting delivery dates. Maintaining their reputation for stringent quality control was crucial.

Spaciotempo came up with a solution which allowed all-round access to the temporary building for servicing vehicles. This was achieved by the provision of 9 service bays on each side, each fitted with an automatic speed door – an advanced door system usually associated with permanent buildings and available with a wide choice of automatic opening systems. This attractive looking building not only gave adequate space for servicing up to 20 caravan units, but offered a clean, clear working floor area with a pleasant natural light during daytime. In addition, specialised requirements such as power, compressed air, lighting, etc were suspended from the robust aluminium frame.

Swift were delighted to have, in a matter of weeks, a fast temporary solution that was the equal of any permanent facility. Spaciotempo’s imaginative solution enabled Swift to have a superb facility up and running without the usual delays due to long-winded planning and constructional procedures. Swift ordered a further two buildings of 10m x 20m x 5.2m.

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