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Spaciotempo canopy ensures pharmaceutical products are not compromised

By 14 December 2018August 15th, 2023Logistics & Transport, Canopies

Canopy ensures products are not compromised

Central Pharma is ensuring its clients’ healthcare products remain dry and undamaged with the help of a Spaciotempo loading canopy.

The Bedford-based business offers contract packaging services to pharmaceutical and veterinary organisations globally.

Due to the sensitive nature of the goods, it is vital that they are not compromised during the loading and unloading process.

In order to guarantee its customers the highest level of protection, Central Pharma contacted the UK’s leading provider of temporary buildings to discuss additional safeguards that could be introduced.

After finding out more about the company’s requirements and undertaking a site visit, Area Sales Manager Tim Black-Roberts recommended a canopy measuring 10m wide x 10m long with an eave height of 5m.

Central Pharma Warehouse Manager Rae Fisk said the Neivalu-style canopy, totalling 100sqm, not only provided the perfect solution, it also had additional benefits.


He added: “Top quality customer service is the key to any successful business and that is especially true in the healthcare industry where, if stringent care and precautions are not taken, products can be damaged beyond repair.

“We want to do all we can to put our customers’ minds 100 per cent at rest in terms of the integrity of their products. That is why we looked at installing a temporary canopy to act as an additional safeguard against rain or snow.

“Another important benefit of the loading canopy at this time of year is that it keeps our staff dry and sheltered against the wind and rain, while in the summer it will offer protection from the sun.”

Central Pharma looked into a range of companies when exploring its options but the professionalism of staff and the ability to either hire or buy a Spaciotempo canopy, made the decision an easy one.

Rae added: “Effectively, we wanted a ‘try before you buy’ solution which Spaciotempo’s canopy allowed us to do. That, coupled with the excellent customer service, clinched the deal for us.

“The whole process was hassle free. Tim listened to what we needed and provided a recommendation based on our criteria. He explained everything clearly from start to finish as did the site supervisor during the install.

“Health and safety standards were second to none and I was taken through each step throughout the process. I can’t speak highly enough of the service we received. I would most definitely recommend Spaciotempo to other companies, both in terms of its team and the quality of its product.”

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