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Bespoke Spaciotempo canopy protecting Kartell employees

By 2 January 2019October 12th, 2023Canopies

Bespoke canopy shelters employees from the winter weather

Employees at a company which specialises in bathrooms and associated accessories. No longer have to brave the winter weather when loading and unloading goods thanks to a bespoke Spaciotempo canopy.

Kartell, based at The Manton Centre in Bedford, contacted the UK’s leading supplier of temporary buildings. When it wanted to install a large shelter outside its warehouse.

The 240sqm canopy can accommodate four vehicles at any one time. Enabling drivers to park under cover and staff in the warehouse to remain dry while loading and unloading the vans.


To save vital space in the warehouse. Pallets can also be stored underneath the structure. Measuring 12m wide x 20m long and with a bespoke eave height of 5m on one side and 5.5m on the other to accommodate the slightly sloping surface.

Simon Beck, Head of Finance at Kartell, said: “The canopy is serving a great purpose for us. The drivers have found it beneficial and it has made a big difference to the team in the warehouse who load and unload goods around 20 times a day. Now that the cold and wet weather has arrived. It is far better for them to have protection from the elements.

Operations Delivery Manager at Spaciotempo Charlie Tavernor added: “This loading canopy is the perfect example of how our team can successfully deliver extremely specific projects. To ensure they meet the needs of the customer and do the job they were intended for.

“Spaciotempo buildings are surface mounted, so rather than pay out on expensive ground and surfacing works, we can offer a bespoke tailored system which follows the level and gradient of the site.”

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