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Spaciotempo continues to work collaboratively with Marston’s Brewery

By 24 February 2018April 24th, 2018Warehousing

Spaciotempo continues to work collaboratively with Marston’s Brewery

Over the past nine years, temporary building specialist Spaciotempo, have worked alongside Marston’s to meet the storage challenges that have evolved with their growing business and changing market demands. Spaciotempo have increased their on-site storage capacity at Burton on Trent by 45%, which has created space for over 14 million bottles of beer. The work included the installation of a new £7.4 million bottling plant in 2014.

Emma Gilleland, supply chain director for Marston’s, explains “We’ve seen massive growth in the take-home market over the last couple of years – it has grown by more than 10% in the last 12 months alone – More people than ever before are enjoying a beer in their own home, so we’ve moved to ensure supply keeps up with demand. The bottling plant, which opened in 2014, was the first stage of that plan and the new storage facilities which followed gave us the huge amount of extra warehouse capacity we needed. Spaciotempo has played a key role in helping Marston’s to grow as a business. They’re providing a quality, cost-effective, long-term solution that met our needs perfectly.  Prior to the installation of the new warehouse facility, we had relied upon costly off-site storage which let to inefficiencies in transportation of goods between the Brewery and storage facility, even though it was very local to the brewery.  Added costs such as double handling, additional security and staffing amongst other factors meant that we were paying much more than we needed to.”

Following this Marston’s decided to use the flexibility of Spaciotempo’s temporary structure model and take down their existing structures. Then install four gutter-linked warehouses on the same site. The four 6m-high buildings, each measuring 30 x 85m, were completed in just less than three months, providing 10,200 square metres of storage, and room for 13,500 pallets. During this install they were already planning to add to this space as the forecasted market growth unfolded. In 2017, Marston’s took the decision to implement this next stage of the build, adding a further two warehouse structures, one on either end of the existing four structures, each one offering a further 2,550 sqm – a total of 15,300 sqm.

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Marston's Brewery temporary warehousing from Spaciotempo

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