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Spaciotempo goes the extra mile to create luxury car dealership

By 11 September 2018Retail, Automotive

Spaciotempo goes the extra mile to create luxury car dealership

A luxury car dealership in Hereford is continuing to do a roaring trade while its showroom is being revamped thanks to a temporary structure.

Cotswold Hereford BMW moved out of its permanent base in April so that it could be brought in-line with the manufacturer’s corporate branding.

The team had two choices – either to stay in the main building while the refurbishment was underway or find a new base for six months.

After exploring the implications of each option, Head of Sales Steve Liddle said working with Spaciotempo was an easy decision to make.

He explained: “BMW is a prestigious brand and it is vital that our showroom reflects an atmosphere of luxury and quality. If we had stayed in our permanent building during the upgrade, it would have been extremely disruptive to the team and our customers and we wouldn’t have been able to offer the high-level of service we are renowned for.

“We looked into various options for alternative bases but the one provided by Spaciotempo was the best by far. The company was able to replicate everything we had at our original facility from wifi to electrical sockets – we even have a fully functioning bathroom facility with disabled access and vanity unit.”

The building, measuring 15m x 30m with a 4.2m eave height, features full-length double-glazed windows, LED lighting, thermo roof gables and a tongue and groove tempafloor.

At 450 sqm, the Hoecker accommodates 10 sales desks and has room to comfortably showcase nine vehicles.

Steve added: “The building has been designed to perfectly suit our needs and has allowed us to continue to operate seamlessly. Team members are working from a comfortable environment, so they are happy and motivated which is, in turn, good for our customers.

“There is a seating area where people can have a hot drink and a chat to the team and the feedback has been extremely positive. The installation only took a matter of days, was carried out in a slick and professional manner and enabled us to achieve our aim of business continuity. It was definitely the best option for us.”

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