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Spaciotempo provide long-term solution for Keyline with temporary warehouse

By 30 May 2019November 14th, 2023Warehousing, Construction

Spaciotempo is to play a crucial part in Keyline’s business plan

Civils specialist Keyline has revealed Spaciotempo has a crucial part to play in its long-term business strategy.

Operations Director, Dave Gardner, has built a strong relationship with the UK’s leading supplier of temporary structures. The link goes back to when he purchased the company’s first temporary warehouse in 2002.

The facility at Keyline Lancaster has stood the test of time. Not to mention some extremely windy conditions – remaining in situ and vital to the operation 17 years on.

The structure proved so beneficial that Keyline went on to buy a further six for its sites in Leeds, Exeter, Lincoln, Havant, Deeside and Telford – with a number of others in the pipeline.

Dave said the temporary warehouses had become an integral part of Keyline’s business model.

He explained: “Spaciotempo impressed me immensely when I first contacted the company back in 2002 and it continues to impress me to this day. When we purchased the warehouse for Lancaster, we were uncertain of how long we would be there so didn’t want to spend a lot of money constructing a permanent building. Due to this, I took the opportunity to investigate different types of building rather than simply focussing on traditional structures.

“Spaciotempo came to the fore immediately when I started looking into temporary buildings. It was a highly professional outfit which had the knowledge, expertise and experience to provide exactly what we wanted – and at the right price.”

Temporary warehouse space

The temporary warehouse at Keyline’s Lockside Road site in Leeds is one of its most recent additions. The 675sqm building has future-proofed the business, providing room for expansion.

With an eave height of 6m and a ridge height of 8.575m, it has plenty of space for racking. As a result, enabling the company to store a large amount of goods that can quickly be dispatched to customers.

A thermo roof and gables provide added protection against the elements. A vital feature as many products stocked by the civils specialist can be damaged and deemed unusable if they get wet.

Further customisations

As with all of its temporary warehouses. Keyline took advantage of Spaciotempo’s offer to customise the external cladding in its trademark bright blue to reflect the company brand.

Two single personnel doors and three electric roller shutter doors were installed. Further installments were, a distribution board to power the electrics including LED lights, emergency exit signs and an over-door twin spotlight.

Dave said: “The added extras such as the Keyline colours on the cladding and electrical points are a real bonus. This means that, as a business, we can make the buildings work for our needs. The modular build can be quickly and easily extended to coincide with growth is also a major plus point along with the available height of the buildings.

“Spaciotempo has been an integral part of our expansion plans for more than a decade. And will continue to fulfil that role in the future. We have a number of new projects in the pipeline for Keyline and plan for Spaciotempo to be part of their implementation.”

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