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Spaciotempo revs up to deliver temporary carports and garages

By 4 July 2016September 8th, 2017Retail, Retractable Tunnels, Automotive

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes can be kept safe, and away from the elements, using Spaciotempo’s new and innovative temporary carports and garages. Whatever your requirements, whether for a car, tractor, van, lorry, trailer, caravan, boat or even a helicopter for storage, valeting, maintenance work, commercial sales or displays, Spaciotempo can guarantee you a solution!

Temporary garages are available in different sizes to suit your needs

Through years of experience and from valuable feedback, we know that in our business one size doesn’t fit all. To stay at the top of our game we demand the best from our products in terms of their suitability, appearance, robustness, safety and versatility. After research into the most suitable dimensions and testing, we are able offer our customers, a storage canopy in two main sizes.

2 – 6 metre car port or garage

The first one, which is more suited to smaller vehicles, measures 2.6m wide, 2.15m high and a variable length of between 4 and 6m. These adaptable canopies take up minimal excess space and provide efficient and effective protection and shelter in even the smallest of available places. They can, for example, be used as a temporary carport structure to house one or more vehicles on a forecourt, as a temporary garage for cars if no other suitable building is available, or outside a repairs garage to allow more cars to be worked on at any one time whatever the weather.

4 – 10 metre car port or garage

The second is a larger canopy and again has a standard width and height, but this time of 4m and 3.78m respectively, and a variable length of between 4 and 10m. These can house vehicles of a much larger scale but their ability to expand and contract by increments of 1m still makes them extremely flexible as they can be changed to suit specific requirements at the time. This in turn offers more flexibility than a permanent building, in terms of the inside to outside space ratio depending on variables like the weather or the number of vehicles requiring shelter. Furthermore. they can offer an extremely cost effective way of increasing the storage and logistical capabilities of your premises on a temporary basis. These larger canopies also lend themselves perfectly as temporary car showrooms, as they give a very professional look and can be personalised to a particular colour and design.

The temporary canopies can be branded to match your business

If your business requires extra storage, display or outside space for a particular event or busy periods, we can customise your temporary carport or garage to match the branding of the company. This option is proving extremely popular as we can supply them in a wide range of colours and include your individual logos and designs.

So why chose a Spaciotempo temporary garage or carport?

For any commercial or domestic environment, they really do offer a win-win solution. When a permanent building is neither desirable nor an option they provide an alternative that is extremely safe, durable, professional looking and flexible. With the availability of different sizes, and their ability to be made longer or shorter to suit requirements, added to the fact they can be retracted away when not in use, provides you with options for sheltered temporary outdoor space like no other.

Our temporary car ports are available to either buy or hire so speak to us today!

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