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Spaciotempo stars on movie set

By 1 January 2010October 30th, 2017Warehousing, Industrial

Three temporary buildings from Spaciotempo, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of interim structures, were installed at Shepperton Studios in Guildford during the summer of 2009 – for the shooting of a new feature film featuring one of Nottingham’s most infamous historical characters.

Two of the three buildings, which measured15m x 60m, were used for set building activities whilst the other was transformed in to a special effects studio for the duration of the shoot. Special aluminium army flooring was sourced and supplied as part of the specification to enable fork lift trucks to move around securely inside the structure.

The buildings were erected in June for a total of 3 months by the installation team at Spaciotempo. Mark Taylor, Managing Director of Spaciotempo UK, said; “This was a great project to work on and the team were very excited about working at the legendary studios. Unfortunately the project is top secret, so we can’t reveal the name of the film or the actors who starred in it. It’s safe to say that they are now safely back in Hollywood now the film has been declared a ‘wrap’.”

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