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Spaciotempo temporary aircraft hangars have landed

By 30 September 2016August 24th, 2017Industrial, Logistics & Transport

Spaciotempo now offers airports a swift, cost-effective and scalable solution to space and storage shortages in the form of temporary aircraft hangars. Providing an alternative to the traditional permanent extension, we have already provided Exeter Airport with a temporary airport loading bay, and are all set to provide similarly innovative solutions at airports up and down the country.

Temporary aircraft hangars from Spaciotempo

All airports want to give their customers a positive customer experience. However, over-crowding not only presents a health and safety issue, but can also deter customers from flying from an airport again. Busy periods are an important consideration for all airports. A high volume of passengers can make for a significant challenge and a lack of space only adds more chaos to the equation.

While lack of space may be an ongoing issue for many airports, it is often not financially viable to construct a permanent building to alleviate capacity concerns. This is where Spaciotempo can help. We can provide a flexible, semi-permanent solution in the form of temporary airport terminal buildings for scheduled busy periods. These provide a quick and cost-effective solution to overcrowding issues.

Benefits of a temporary aircraft hangar

Our temporary airport facilities, such as temporary aircraft shelters and hangars are a cost-effective way of providing extra space and storage facilities needed during busy time periods. Temporary aircraft hangars can be installed and removed by our professional installation team, removing any hassle from the process. When the semi-permanent structure has been installed, it can be customised to suit all your branding and functional requirements.

Here are just some of the benefits of a temporary airport terminal building from Spaciotempo:

  • Full insulation
  • Bespoke features
  • Quick turnaround service
  • Relocatable

Depending on your temporary building requirement, our temporary structures have the qualities to perform as a permanent building, due to hard-wearing materials and a practical design. This means, instead of paying large amounts for a permanent structure, your temporary building could be transformed into a lasting storage space.

Why choose Spaciotempo as your temporary building supplier?

If your business requires an airport expansion without the hefty costs of a permanent building, contact Spaciotempo today. With over 40 years’ experience in the temporary building industry, we can provide a solution to any capacity problems, whether it be insufficient space or a temporary solution before a permanent building is constructed.

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