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Spaciotempo temporary warehouses have got your freight covered

Spaciotempo temporary warehouses have got your freight covered

At Spaciotempo, we supply temporary warehouse structures for freight companies to use if they don’t have enough warehousing space, or need to load and unload in the open. Our customers know only too well the benefits of protecting stock by installing a temporary warehouse, which can be put up quickly and easily integrated into warehouse logistics operations.

The damage reported by logistics companies to their freight in transit is on the increase nationwide. Damage to goods being loaded and unloaded in bad weather can lead to much higher insurance claims, which in turn leads to higher premiums.

The domino effect of this damage naturally affects customer belief in the business and can contribute to low staff morale and health and safety could also be affected. This is where a temporary warehouse or industrial canopy from Spaciotempo can make a real difference to your operations.

Bespoke canopy storage to suit your needs

We offer bespoke canopy storage and loading canopy options to suit all your operational and logistics requirements. Available in a range of widths and heights, our loading and storage canopies can be used to create a weatherproof loading bay canopy to protect both your goods and staff during loading operations. Alternatively, our canopy storage can be used as high-quality overflow storage when your regular storage facilities are at full capacity.

Warehouse logistics the Spaciotempo way

One of our customers – a major international logistics operation – faced exactly this problem. Tired of having to make regular freight claims for damaged stock exposed to the elements, they looked to Spaciotempo for a solution, installing loading canopies at all their operations, leaving enough room for even the largest double decker lorry to load and unload in dry and safe surroundings.

Another logistics customer requested a short-term ‘daytime’ storage solution for goods awaiting collection. The smaller size of this temporary warehouse meant that lorries could easily navigate around it, whilst the pierced metal construction provided a high level of protection from bad weather, including enhanced resistance to high winds.

Temporary warehouse structures

At Spaciotempo, we offer a wide range of solutions, including temporary warehouse structures to help protect your stock. Whatever your business need, application or budget – we have a solution to suit your needs. So, if you’ve had enough of damaged stock leading to unnecessary freight claims, talk to Spaciotempo today.

To find out more about our range of temporary warehouses for all your warehouse logistics requirements, please contact our experts today to talk through your options.

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