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Specialist trainer creates simulated warehouse in Spaciotempo structure

Specialist trainer creates simulated warehouse in Spaciotempo structure

A specialist training provider for the logistics industry has simulated a working warehouse within a bespoke Spaciotempo building.

Mantra Learning teamed up with the UK’s leading provider of temporary structures to create the unique learning environment.

The Middleton based company has been equipping people with logistics, automotive and business skills for more than 50 years.

It has been so successful that Greater Manchester Combined Authority awarded it a grant to construct a new training facility.

However, there was one catch – the money had to be spent within a short time span meaning a permanent building was out of the question.

And that is where Spaciotempo stepped in. With 45 years of experience, the guarantee of a timely installation and flexible finance options, its semi-permanent building proved to be the perfect solution.


After meeting with Mantra Learning’s Chief Executive Mark Currie, the team drew up a bespoke proposal for an eye-catching Oxygen-style building, measuring 31m x 52m with an eave height of 6m.

The structure, which features an aesthetically-pleasing curved roof, has been customised to feature shades of green on the external cladding. It also has a thermo roof, personnel door and a manual roller shutter door.

Mark Currie said: “Spaciotempo was the obvious choice for this project. It has a solid reputation as an industry leader as well as the capabilities and expertise to react quickly – a factor that was essential to us.

“Finances are always a major consideration for any business and the fact that we were offered a flexible package without paying large sums of money upfront was an added incentive.

“Another benefit with the semi-permanent building is that it is demountable so if we decided to move site in the future, we would simply dismantle it and re-install it at the new location – you can’t do that with a permanent building!

“I strongly believe that the logistics sector is becoming increasingly aware of the impressive range of benefits that temporary buildings can offer, particularly when they are loathe to commit to long-term investments in permanent buildings. Temporary buildings are the way forward in many cases.”

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