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We dish up a new building for space-hungry food firm Symingtons

By 1 January 2012October 27th, 2017Warehousing, Industrial
Symingtons News

The dry food manufacturer Symingtons, who makes some of the UK’s best-known grocery brands, has taken delivery of a fourth temporary building from us to help them meet a growing appetite for their products.

Leeds-based Symingtons has invested in the 3,000sqm storage building at its head office, based just off the M1 motorway, to support ambitious expansion plans as it seeks an ever-firmer foothold in the grocery market.

The company dates back to 1827 and produces instant soups, home baking kits and bread products, manufacturing under licence and for its own instantly recognisable brands, including Ragu, Chicken Tonight and Aunt Bessie’s.

Symingtons is one of our most loyal customers and one of its temporary buildings dates back three years. Its latest building comes from our Tempastor range and has been fitted with radar speed doors, which open automatically when a forklift truck approaches, enabling fast and efficient access.

Scott Jameson, director of sales at Spaciotempo, said: “Our business is characterised by working with organisations whose fortunes are on the up and that is certainly the case with Symingtons, which has taken a number of buildings from us during a period of growth.

“We are delighted to have been able to provide another building within a timescale that they were looking for in order to match their expansion plans.”

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