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Evaluating technical specifications

By 11 July 2014September 8th, 2017Company News

 When is a temporary building not a temporary building? When its a marquee! 

I was talking to one of our Business Development Managers the other day. He told me about a company he was in the process of quoting for. The customer was considering some other temporary building suppliers as well as Spaciotempo.  Nothing unusual there – we expect all our potential customers to talk to a number of suppliers. Even our existing customers have to go through due diligence before making their decision. What concerned my colleague, was that one of the suppliers being considered was a supplier of very temporary buildings indeed – in fact a  marquee company.

We are diligent in helping our customers understand the difference between a Spaciotempo temporary building, and an alternative solution.Looking at the technical specification helps them compare “like for like”.  Our 40 years’ experience goes a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction, as does the fact that we are the only UK Supplier that designs manufactures & installs its own products.

But it is also crucial that, when comparing product offerings, you look very closely at the technical specification. Here are just a few important things to look at:

1.       Frame Construction     Spaciotempo has a hard pressed 4 groove aluminium box profile

2.       Profile Size     The higher the number the better the structure. Spaciotempo’s is 316mm

3.       Roof Covers     Spaciotempo uses PVC Coated polyester fabric flame retardant to BS7837 -1999

4.       Snow Loading     The higher the number the better the structure. Spaciotempo’s is 60kg per sqm

5.       Wind Loading     The higher the number the better the structure. Spaciotempo can withstand 100-120 km per hour

6.       Walling     Spaciotempo uses 40mm Thick Steel Clad Sandwich Panels

7.       U-Values     The lower the number the better the insulation values inside the structure. For Spaciotempo the values are as follows:

  • Roofs – 1.5 W/m2K
  • Walls & Gables – 0.44 W/m2K

8.      Bracing Systems     Spaciotempo uses internal high level bracing that gives a true ‘Open & Clear Span’ inside the structure. This is a key feature either for storage capacity, or in    sports structures. All competitors’ structures and marquee structures use a cross brace. Spaciotempo is the only manufacturer that offers ‘Open & Clear Span’.

9.      Bay Sizes     The fewer the bays the more robust the structure & design. Because Spaciotempo uses 5m bays, our structures have fewer bays and are therefore more robust.

We recommend that all our potential customers use these points to compare Spaciotempo’s product against the competition. This is why some of Spaciotempo’s “temporary” buildings have been up for 25 years, and why our solution can be as temporary – or as long term – as you want it to be.

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