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When does a temporary building become permanent?

By 16 March 2016September 8th, 2017Company News

Are you looking to install a temporary building for your business but are in a quandary about how to get planning permission? At Spaciotempo, we take care of all this for you to make the process as easy as possible.

Temporary building regulations

Spaciotempo keeps to the temporary building regulations in accordance with the British Safety Standards and by ensuring that all our employees are familiar with the requirements of current health and safety legislation and the need to work safely.

We take our staff through ongoing training programs on product knowledge and encourage free flow of ideas for product and service improvements. We have structured our management and supervision roles to routinely check and maintain quality by directly employing all of our own site managers and supervisors.

Planning permission for temporary buildings

Spaciotempo has partnered with specialist planning agents to make the process of obtaining planning permission for temporary buildings easy for you. It takes an average of four weeks to get the planning approved. The team considers our temporary buildings’ energy efficient insulation systems and recyclable components.

Once the plans have been approved, our specialists undertake a site survey in order to make recommendations based on elements such as finding a secure location for your temporary building; be it a temporary warehouse or temporary storage building.

FAQS about temporary buildings

Q. When should I get planning permission?
A. Planning permission is required after 28 days.

Q. Do I require planning permission for refurbishment?
A. As stated in the 1996 planning act, planning permission is not required if a refurbishment is taking place.

Q. What if I have an emergency and require a temporary building as soon as possible?
A. Emergency buildings still require planning permission.

Let us take care of your temporary building regulations

At Spaciotempo, we collaborate with our customers and tailor our products and services to match the high expectations of our discerning clients. That includes taking care of all the temporary building regulations and planning permission for temporary buildings.

Speak to us today about your temporary buildings planning.

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