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Buy Temporary Buildings

One of the key advantages of investing in buying a temporary building is the flexibility it offers to easily scale up, relocate, and provide temporary storage or workspace without disrupting your operations.

This temporary building buying option also gives you full ownership of the solution and the interiors associated with it. Our aftercare package offers an annual MOT inspection, service and maintenance should you need it so you can own your temporary building solution with the peace of mind that it will stay standing for as long as you need it.

Tailored to your needs: customisation options for when you buy a Temporary Building

By buying a temporary building, you have the freedom to customise it to your exact specifications. From the layout and size to the colours and branding, you can tailor the temporary building or industrial canopy to fit your needs and design preferences perfectly.

Our customisation options include:

  • Choice of size, height and layout
  • Wide range of doors, enclosures and windows
  • A range of lighting options are available, including natural light options
  • Insulation for climate control, including humidity and temperature
  • Customised flooring and racking options
  • Complete fit out, including decorations, furniture and specialist flooring
  • Installation of specific features such as shelving or partition walls
  • Branding opportunities with custom colours or logos

Our wide range of customisation options ensures that the temporary building is not just a functional space but a reflection of your branding and day-to-day requirements. With full control over the design process and an experienced building partner such as Spaciotempo, together we can create a space that is truly yours.

Unsure what you need? Our team is here to support you every step of the way!

How it works: 3 steps to (Temporary) Building success

Buying a Temporary Building gives you flexibility

Whether you need to set up a temporary warehouse for additional storage space or expand retail space during a busy festive period, buying a temporary building allows you to do so with ease. This capability is especially beneficial for businesses that need to respond swiftly to market demands or unexpected changes in demand, enabling them to stay agile and competitive in dynamic business environments.

View Temporary Building case studies

Our handpicked selection of case studies showcase our ability to provide our customers with a range of options to buy temporary buildings that suit their very different and unique business requirements.

Versatile business applications of Temporary Buildings

We have a wide range of temporary building types and industrial canopies with customisation options available for sale, ensuring we can provide the best temporary structure solution for your business needs.

Warehousing & storage

Industrial buildings

Logistics buildings

Retail buildings

Sports structures

Education buildings

Hospitals & public sector

Construction buildings

Garden centre canopies

Emergency & disaster relief

Film & TV studios

Cold storage warehouses

Temporary workshops

Airport terminals & buildings

Car showrooms

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Alternatives to buying a Temporary Building outright

Business moves fast. So whether you’re in a period of growth or transition, or scaling up or down, we offer flexible temporary building buying options. You can lease our temporary buildings for as little as 3 months, or if you’d like to own them but don’t currently have the budget, we offer finance options.


Lease our temporary buildings from as little as 3 months and reap the benefits of covered space for short-term requirements.

Explore Temporary Building Hire


Spread the cost of a temporary building to maximise affordability with one of our finance partners.

Explore Temporary Building Finance Options

Book your no-obligation site visit for a personalised Temporary Building Buying quote

At Spaciotempo, we pride ourselves on providing a free on-site visit and drawings as standard BEFORE we issue a temporary building quote to you – wherever in the UK and Ireland you are located. By physically coming to site, we can assess ground conditions, access, gradient of site and other issues which can affect the installation, and even have a conversation about planning permission requirements.

This is very important to us, as it provides you with an accurate, site-specific quote with no hidden catches further down the line.

Book A Site Visit

Learn more about buying a Temporary Building

Our helpful blogs introduce you to a wealth of insights on temporary building buying options and factors influencing cost. Whether you’re exploring cost-effective solutions for short-term projects or seeking flexibility for your business requirements, our hand picked selection has all the info you need to gain comprehensive knowledge and make informed decisions.

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