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Frequently Asked Questions

Temporary Building FAQs

If you’re new to temporary buildings, you’ve probably got lots of questions. We’ve compiled answers to a raft of temporary building FAQs, to give you more information on our products and services. If you need more information on planning for a temporary building, why not view and download our extensive white paper resources.

Do you offer a free, no obligation quote?

Yes, and it’s never been more easy to get in touch with our friendly team. You can contact us in a number of ways, either by phone on 01889 569569, or by completing our interactive Ready to Build form.

Will you carry out a site visit?

Yes. We pride ourselves on undertaking a no-obligation site visit for every installation, before we provide you with a quote for a building – wherever in the UK and Ireland you are located. By physically coming to site, we can assess ground conditions, access, gradient of site and other issues which can affect the installation. With our Area Sales Managers based nationwide, we pride ourselves on quick reaction times, enabling us to have a site visit booked within 24 hours of you placing an initial enquiry.

What is the lead time for the installation process?

It all depends on the complexity of the project. Spaciotempo has its own in-house Operations Team who pride themselves on their fast installation times. Your Area Sales Manager will walk you through each and every stage to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

What are our purchasing options?

This is one of our most commonly asked temporary building FAQs. You can either hire, purchase or finance your project with us. To learn more about our buying options, contact us now to discuss your options.

Are there any hidden costs to Spaciotempo buildings?

No. We will always carry out a site visit – wherever in the country you are based – to look at all the factors affecting your building, before we provide you with a quote. So you can always be sure that we have taken everything into consideration, and when we come to install there won’t be any nasty surprises.

How long can we keep our temporary building?

Another classic when it comes to temporary building frequently asked questions. Our portfolio of satisfied customers have previously utilised our temporary buildings from as little as 3 months, to as long as 20 years. The decision is entirely yours to make. Check out our buying options for more information.

Who should we contact if we want to discuss our temporary building project?

Our dedicated team will be on hand from initial contact all the way through to after care to guide you through the process. What’s more, the team will provide you with an aftercare pack to ensure your temporary building stays in the best possible condition throughout its lifespan.

Will you provide aftercare support for my temporary building?

Yes. We pride ourselves on maintaining long-term relationships with many of our clients, because they know that we’re only just a phone call away. If your temporary building is properly looked after, and regularly maintained, it will provide decades of use.

Your handover pack will give you advice on how to care for your temporary building, but we also offer an annual service visit to give additional peace of mind, if you prefer it. And because we know that life isn’t always straightforward, and accidents do happen, our call-out team is always on hand to deal with any accidental damage. What’s more, is that our customers know they can always get in touch if business needs change and you need to relocate or extend your temporary building.

Will my temporary building withstand the elements?

Spaciotempo offer temporary building solutions that are designed to pass the test of time for installations all over the UK and Republic of Ireland. All semi permanent buildings installed by Spaciotempo are fully compliant on a generic and site-specific basis in relation to euro code BSEN1991.

What if the ground is uneven?

During our initial site visit, we will check for things such as ground conditions, access, gradient of site and other issues which can affect the installation. That way, you can always be sure of a solution which reflects your specific needs.

Do we need to obtain planning permission?

Spaciotempo offers a full planning service thanks to our dedicated planning partners, giving you one less thing to worry about. During our initial site visit, simply mention to your Area Sales Manager that you would like us to take care of planning – and we’ll do the rest. Or if you’re happy taking care of planning yourself, but need to check a few questions with us, you can download our handy Guide to Planning or check out our Temporary Building Planning Permission blog series to answer any initial questions you may have.

Can you provide lighting and heating?

We offer a full range of customisation options for our buildings, such as lighting and heating, plus so much more. We can even provide full racking fit outs to keep your operations running smoothly. For a full list of customisable options and specialist finishes, click here.

Do you offer insulated roofing?

We are always looking at ways to develop our products and services, whilst remaining conscious of the impact that they have on the environment. In addition to our dual-layered thermo roofing, we now offer our customers the patented Low E™ thermo roof covers too. They come with an added 43mm polyester fleece between layers, making them an enhanced energy efficient insulator. We are one of the first to bring this technology to market within the temporary and semi-permanent buildings sector.

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