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Garden Centre in Cheshire

By 1 January 2012October 26th, 2023Retail, Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Firstly, when a huge fire destroyed a large part of Wilmslow Garden Centre in Cheshire, in June last year. It left four greenhouses completely burned out.

Within just a few days of the blaze, which took 70 fire-fighters to bring under control. The centre’s owners, Klondyke Garden Centres, had managed to re-open the outdoor plant sales area.

Temporary Building Solution

However, it wasn’t until some months later, when it took delivery of a temporary building supplied by us. That the centre was able to start selling craft and garden products again, as well as re-opening its popular coffee shop.

To sum up, measuring 30m by 30m and 4.2m high at the eaves, the building was erected in a matter of days. Giving the garden centre a light and roomy trading space until it built a permanent replacement.

Inside, along with sturdy doors and windows. We provided a full electrical and heating package, a temporary kitchen area, staff and customers toilets, a cash office and a canteen.

Finally, nearly one year on from the fire. The building is still going strong and will serve the garden centre’s needs until new premises. Which feature an open-sided canopy and a separate coffee shop, are opened at the end of summer.

Spaciotempo UK feedback

Scott Jameson, Director of Sales for Spaciotempo, said: “We have many years’ experience in this kind of emergency work and we pulled out all the stops to provide a temporary building that would suit Wilmslow Garden Centre’s needs ready for the Christmas rush.

“I understand that their customers were impressed by the building and, while it’s always pleasing when companies say they are happy with our products and services. It’s even better when they get positive feedback from their customers too.

“We pride ourselves on manufacturing and supplying state-of-the-art temporary buildings. That are attractive as well as functional and sturdy. So we are delighted that the building has served the garden centre so well on all three counts.”

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