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Temporary Building to Star on The Trisha Goodard Show

By 1 January 2010September 8th, 2017Sport & Leisure

Spaciotempo has recently secured a contract with The Maidstone Studios to provide a temporary building as a reception area for the guests of The Trisha Goodard Show.

The Maidstone Studios secured the lucrative deal to produce The Trisha Goodard Show for a two year period, but required an additional area capable of holding up to 100 people prior to the show being filmed. The area needed to be separate from the main studios to avoid any interference with the day to day running.

After a full site-visit and several proposals, it was decided that Spaciotempo would provide a structure 5m wide by 20m long by 3m high. To assist with temperature control and minimise condensation, the structure will have steel reinforced hard UPVC walling and a double skinned PVC Polyester fabric roof. In order to create a comfortable environment and quell pre-show nerves the studio will be kitting out the building themselves with flooring, seating and refreshment areas.

Speaking about the contract, Mark Taylor, Spaciotempo’s Managing Director said. “We are extremely pleased to have secured this contract; not only due to the high profile of the show, but because it reflects our growing presence in the Entertainment and Leisure Market.”

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