Temporary Buildings in Scotland

Spaciotempo has been supplying first-class temporary buildings in Scotland for more than 40 years. Whether you need a temporary warehouse, seasonal storage, an industrial canopy or any other type of temporary structure in Scotland, Spaciotempo can provide the perfect solution. All of our temporary building solutions can be installed quickly and easily by our own in-house team. They are flexible and modular, which means that they can be customised to suit your specific application.

Temporary Buildings in Scotland – Manufacturing and Industrial

If you live in Scotland, and are in need of a temporary building for your manufacturing or industrial operations, Spaciotempo can provide the ideal bespoke structure to suit your needs. We have temporary buildings in Scotland for hire, as either off-the-shelf temporary buildings or bespoke temporary structures.

Our temporary industrial buildings are designed to your own specifications. If you require an industrial or manufacturing temporary building in Scotland, contact us today for more information. Whether you require an expansion of your operational facilities, additional warehousing or a new maintenance space, Spaciotempo can provide you with the ideal temporary structure in Scotland.

Temporary Structures in Scotland – Retail

Spaciotempo has installed countless retail temporary structures in Scotland over the years. Our temporary retail buildings can be created to meet your unique requirements, for whatever scenario your company faces, and allow you to continue trading. We can help your retail business’ expansion plans, no matter where you are in Scotland. From temporary production facilities and warehouses to retail shops; we can provide a temporary structure in Scotland to achieve your goals.

Temporary Structures in Scotland – Sports and Leisure

If you are based in Scotland, and your business is sports or leisure, Spaciotempo can help you to accommodate more participants and boost the profitability of your facilities with one of our innovative temporary structures. Available as fully enclosed modular sports buildings, we have a range of temporary solutions for every type of sports application. So, if you need a sport and leisure temporary structure in Scotland, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Temporary Building success stories in Scotland

When Aberdeen Harbour contacted Spaciotempo to enquire about the installation of a retractable tunnel, flexibility of solution was top of their shopping list. Visual impact, in keeping with the Harbour’s established branding, was also paramount because the tunnel would be used by cruise liner passengers as they embarked and disembarked from port, as part of their visit to Scotland.

Aberdeen Harbour External Relations Director, Chris Bain, said: “We needed a walkway which could be used wherever and whenever passengers were joining or leaving a vessel in port. So, it needed to be easily manoeuvred, and also create a positive first impression of the Harbour’s facilities.”

Putting that brief into action, Spaciotempo provided a 10m long by 5m wide retractable tunnel, which would act as a covered walkway for when boarding and exiting cruise liners. Our clear ‘window-like’ retractable tunnel – which gives a much lighter solution – not only provided essential weather protection from the Great British weather but was also personalised with Aberdeen Harbour’s branding for the ultimate impact.