Temporary Buildings in Sterling

Whatever your temporary building requirements, Spaciotempo has the structure for you. Spaciotempo has been supplying first class temporary buildings in Sterling for more than 40 years. Whether you need a temporary warehouse, seasonal storage, an industrial canopy or any other type of temporary structure in Sterling, Spaciotempo can provide the perfect solution.

All of our temporary building solutions can be installed quickly and easily by our own in-house team. They are flexible and modular, which means they can be customised to suit your specific application.

Temporary Structures in Sterling – Retail

Spaciotempo’s bespoke, made-to-measure temporary retail structures provide a professionally finished environment for your business operations. Whether for planned refurbishment works or unforeseen disasters, our structures are guaranteed to fulfil your unique requirements.

Spaciotempo has installed countless retail temporary structures in Sterling over the years. From temporary production facilities and warehouses to retail stores. We can provide a structure to achieve your goals in Sterling and the surrounding regions.

Temporary Buildings in Sterling – Manufacturing and Industrial

If you live in Sterling, and are in need of a temporary building for your manufacturing or industrial operations, Spaciotempo can provide the ideal bespoke structure to suit your needs. Whatever your industrial application, we can work with you to expand or contract your working space, in line with demand and market conditions.

We have temporary buildings in Sterling for hire, as off-the-shelf standard sized buildings or bespoke temporary buildings. If you require an industrial or manufacturing temporary buildings supplier in Sterling or the surrounding areas, contact us today for more information.

Sports and Leisure Temporary Structures in Sterling

If you are based in Sterling, and your business is sports or leisure, Spaciotempo can help you to accommodate more participants at your facilities by employing one of our innovative temporary structures. Whether it is a temporary swimming pool, gym or multi-use sports hall, we have the right temporary solution for every application. So, if you need a sport and leisure temporary structure in Sterling, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Temporary Building success stories in Sterling

When Lookers Audi in Stirling needed to redevelop their showroom ahead of August’s traditional spike in new car sales, they feared that they might have left things too late. However, rapid turnarounds are a particular forte of Spaciotempo and our extremely skilful operations team. Spaciotempo’s solution of a 20m x 25m temporary car showroom on a 4.2m eave was installed at Lookers Audi’s Sterling forecourt in double quick time.

Stephen Marchetti, Head of Business at Lookers Audi in Sterling, said: “The showroom was up and running just three weeks after my initial phone call, and the installation itself took just eight days.” Our bespoke 500sq m temporary car showroom benefits from a reception area, sales offices, toilets and a canteen, along with specialist lighting, and temperature and humidity controls.

The quality of the building was not lost on Mr Marchetti, who added: “I expected we’d have to ‘make do’ for a while, until our new development is completed. But the temporary building is actually better than our old permanent one!”