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Temporary Buildings – The fast and cost effective way to grow your storage business, whilst keeping flexible

By 22 May 2014August 15th, 2023Company News, Warehousing

With the economic climate as it is today – unstable at the best of times – one attribute that is at the top of storage and warehousing businesses’ wish list is flexibility. But many companies are finding this a particularly high hurdle to jump – in fact this is one of the main problems that our storage customers approach us with. I have illustrated the typical scenario below:

Sounds great! A new large order has come in. The only problem is, is that you don’t have the space.
To take on the order, you now have three choices:

  1. Build a new permanent warehouse on site
  2. Hire or buy a permanent warehouse off site
  3. Hire or buy a temporary warehouse on site.

Choosing the first option will provide you with the space you require, in the proximity that you need it. But, this is a lengthy process and will take time; your customer’s Christmas rush demands will be long gone by then, meaning they have potentially gone to one of your competitors.

This option also does not allow you to be ‘business flexible’; the key point about this scenario is that the customer cannot commit to a long term contract. Meaning that come the post-Christmas rush, you could have an empty building on your hands which is costing you money and not necessarily bringing you any income.

The second option overcomes both these hurdles; by hiring or buying a pre-built existing building off site, you can get to work almost straight away and if you’re hiring, you can stay business flexible, by only signing up to the period of time that you need to fulfil the contact. There’s just one problem if you choose to go off site, you are encountering additional costs that you would not incur if you stayed on site. Expenses including logistics, security and often additional staffing mean that the income from your new order is slowing being eaten away…

The third and final option of hiring or purchasing a temporary warehouse on site overcomes all the above hurdles;

Speed: Due to the lightweight aluminium frames, temporary warehouses can be installed instantly, whilst being as sturdy as a permanent build due to their snow and wind loading specifications. Due to the quick installation, you can react fast to your customer’s storage demands.

Staying on site: As long as you have spare land on site, you can stay there with a temporary warehouse – it can even be installed on any ground type! By staying on site, you are not only reducing costs, but simplifying operations by managing a building that is on your own doorstep, rather than paying someone to do the same at a building Elsewhere.

Flexibility: Hire contracts and buy-back options with our temporary buildings keep costs flexible; if your customer decides that they no longer need the storage space, you can have the temporary warehouse removed, adapted or relocated, keeping your business flexible and reducing the investment risk factor.

For more information about how temporary warehousing can help achieve business flexibility, call us today!

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